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365-Day Journal

365-Day Journal

Journaling can improve your daily motivation to work towards your dreams. It can boost your energy and also calm your mind. Nowadays, many people are starting to journal as a daily habit during mornings or before going to sleep. 

If you are like me or you just like answering questions and prompts, you will totally love this 365-Day Journal.


This journal will not only ask you to answer commonly asked questions but also reflect on deep topics. You will learn more about yourself and your own life, and you will leave a vivid testimony of what your thoughts and life were like during 2019 or the year(s) you decide to use it. 

This journal will not only serve the present you but also the future you, who will remember who you were in the past. Apart from it, you can use it in different years so as to compare the different versions of you and how your opinion about controversial topics or even your personality has changed over time.


What does this journal include?

  • 365 questions that you can answer during the year (hopefully one question a day).
  • Space under each question so that you can develop your answers.

This journal will help you to get motivated and inspired to start your days (in case you write on it during mornings), but also help you calm your mind by answering questions before going to sleep (in case you write on it during the night).

You can also answer the daily prompts during any moment you feel inspired to write. You may even go deeper into the questions you want and write in a separate notebook, is up to you!

The questions are not the common ones like 'Which is your favorite color?' or 'Which is your favorite tv show?'. Instead, I created complete questions that will help you get to know more about yourself and acknowledge the things that are most important to you. Some days, the questions will go even deeper so as you help you, for example, to forgive someone who has hurt you or talk to the past you in a letter.

That is why each question was elaborated in a way that you can develop your answers in a paragraph instead of just a simple sentence. 


Remember this is an ebook version (not physical), so in order to write on it, you will need to print the pages you want to work on unless you have a technological device that allows you to write on it (Ipad, tablet, etc).

For any question related to the journal, you can contact me on my Instagram account ( or my email (

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