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AVATAR 3.0 SDK, Unity 2019
 Avatar has NSFW
 X- not suitable for Quest (as it has the severity of polygons)

Avatar has a system (Dynamic Penetration System for VRChat) For it to work, you need to purchase it here ->

if you need upload to your account, then write to me in the discord  DalrY#0930

(the package contains all the necessary shaders and SDK to work)
you only need to create a new project and open the downloaded file.
button functions:

take off clothes
remove accessories
skin color change
ears respond to finger gestures

Mask, horn ears tail, tail, play ball
AFK sitting

musical bracelets 3 compositions:




Onion#1515 - Face
Pandaabear#9873- Body
WetCat#6969 - pose AFK,ears(edit by me), hair
Jess#5678-horns ничто#6666-wings
ZinPia Sugs#9795-bikini, tail
DalrY#0930-boots, mask,texture
Matrix by Siren#1001

bracelet on hand - KriminalSnake#7198

DO NOT submit any of my models to the public.

DO NOT upload files for anyone other than yourself.

DO NOT split prices for my models if there is a future VRC update

something's broken, I don't have to fix it.

DO NOT trade / dump / resell any of my packages / assets.

DO NOT take assets from my models.

DO NOT trade / edit my models for sale.

!!!avatar is non-refundable, we can only help you customize it if you find any mistake !!!

You will get a UNITYPACKA (411MB) file
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