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"Dear Friend, With your permission I’m going to send you a Germozone ... which will cleanse the air
of your work environment and spread a beautifully light fragrance throughout ... free for 14 days.
Why? Well I have a favor to ask you..."

That’s the introduction to your whole letter - and I may not have that totally clinically correct, with
what it actually does, but that’s what I want to give you as a template.
"With your permission I am going to send you XYZ product which will do this, which will do that, and
I’m going to send it to you free for 14 days. Why am I going to do this? Well, I have a favor to ask
And then you go on in the letter and say, "The favor I want to ask you is this: if you take this on
board, you tell me what you think of this product. I can tell you that it does this, this, this and this,
but I want you to tell me. You discover it for yourself."

"For 14 days, no obligation, no pressure, no nothing - and if after that 14 days you want to keep it,
no problem at all. We’ll work out a special offer for you. If not, just hand it back, no problems

Totally risk-free opportunity. And that’s why it’s such a great idea for you to do this. But the
presentation of it to them has got to be clear. "We would like to give you this. In fact, call right now,
we will send it straight out to you today. You’ll have it there today, or if not, we will install it for you
tomorrow." Tell them exactly what will happen: if they call now, exactly what will happen. So
there’s no ambiguity about what the offer is.

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