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Common Verbs in Arabic Language أفعال شائعة في اللّغة العربيّة

This book is intended to help learners studying Arabic as a second language. The focus of the book is on common every day verbs used in our daily lives, with various example sentences, conjugation tables, and exercises, . It aims not only at improving grammar skills, but also comprehension and practical use of the Arabic language. So, in that sense, it is a comprehension and exercise book at the same time.

For every verb, there is an explanatory part (the first page), providing the meaning in English, its form in past, present and imperative tenses, and some examples. Read this page to understand the general meaning of the verb and how it is used in context.

The second part for each verb, provides the complete list of conjugation for each of the personal pronouns in Arabic, in the three tenses: past, present, and imperative. Read and study this page to familiarize yourself with verb conjugation in Arabic. It can also be used as a reference list, to check your conjugations when you attempt to write or form sentences on your own.

The third part has some useful exercises, to help you practice Arabic verb conjugation, as well as improve your comprehension skills.

The fourth part provides example of the verb from the holy Quran, including English translation. This will help you understand how verbs are used in the Quran, which is considered the highest level of eloquence in Arabic language; an eloquence not attained by even the most eloquent native Arabic speakers.

In the next part of this book there are various exercises to practice verb conjugation and reinforce what you have already learned in this book; designed in a fun and engaging way.

Finally, at the end, you will find all the answers to the exercises, games and questions in this book.

We hope the book will be benificial for your Arabic learning journey. We welcome any feedback at: 

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