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Witch Haunt (The Scarlet Jane Files, #2) by Kody Boye

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After Scarlet Jane successfully hunts down and kills the vampire who murdered her mother, she’s left with a feeling of emptiness. What life is there worth living after revenge? 

Lost for a purpose, Scarlet turns to her mentor to find out more about the man who guarded the lands of Texas and Louisiana before her. When she learns that a coven of witches slaughtered the man’s family and cursed him to die, Scarlet vows to hunt them down—not only to help herself heal from her tragic past, but to avenge the everyday people killed by the witches. 

What Scarlet can’t anticipate is a ritualistic sacrifice occurring along the border shortly after her discovery. More people have died; and though danger is ever-present, it will be up to her and her companion, Shadow, to deal with the witches—before the East Texas Blood Coven reveals themselves to the world.
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