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The Day of Resurrection (epub)

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The Qur’an and Ahadith are filled with detailed information of what will come to pass on that great Day. This book deals with what has been mentioned with regards to the Blowing of the Horn, and the end of life in the heavens and on earth. It then takes one through the terrors and ordeals of the Day of Judgement, right until the Believers cross the Path over Hellfire to enter into Paradise.

This eBook is compiled utilizing some of the highest quality and best standards of formatting in order to preserve and distinguish the layout of the eBook. It is an excellent work which caters for a large audience of the English speaking world and can be read by virtually all age groups. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by all those who read it.

Contents of the Book:

Description of the Horn
The First Blowing of Terror and Swooning
The Second Blowing and Events of Resurrection
The Intercession
The Haud of the Messenger (S)
The State of the Disbelievers on that Day
The State of the Sinful Muslims on that Day
The State of the Pious Muslims on that Day
The Reckoning
Allah's Perfect Justice on that Day
Settling of Scores on that Day
The Balance [or Scale]
The Final Gathering and the Bridge over Hellfire

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