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6 Week Strength & Conditioning Program, Recipe Pack & Healthy Living Guide!

Let's get STRONG...
Let's get FIT...


Before I explain the ins and outs & the value of this package, I'll quickly tell you what will happen when you successfully purchase the program.

1. The Nutrition PDF package will be available instantly, for you to keep and save. 
2. Your email will be added to TrueCoach - allow time (few hours) for this process to go through 
3. You'll receive an email from TrueCoach & myself, with a link that'll take you to the sign up page & the app download
4. Once you've signed up and downloaded the app True Coach, the 6 week program will be added and visible to you for 6 weeks ONLY... MAKE THE MOST OF IT! 
(There's an option to renew the Phase 1 package purchase OR move onto Phase 2 after 6 weeks - message me for more details)

These products are perfect for any beginner & intermediate gym-goer, who wants to enter the gym with purpose and work towards a goal of changing body composition, improving strength & aerobic fitness. This is a carefully constructured, functional & enjoyable strength program with 6 differnece conditioning days throughout the 6 weeks. 

I use alot of these exercises & variations myself & for my clients - the difference in enjoyment, drive & adherence is incredible... We're not exercising and working out anymore... WE'RE TRAINING.

Program Overview
- 6 weeks
- 5 days per week [1 active rest day, 1 rest & recovery day]
- 4 mandatory strength & conditioning days
- 1 optional aerobic capacity day
- Detail of: Sets, Reps, Rest, Tempo & Training Terms
- Male and female differentiation exercises, sets & reps, regression & progression exercise options
- Videos of myself performing EVERY exercise 
- Warm ups, Cool Downs, Mobility Movements, Preparation Flows, Activation/Priming Rounds, Strength Blocks, Conditioning Finishers, Aerobic Fitness.

This is for you if: 
- You’re Male or female
- You’re a beginner or intermediate level in training
- You don’t have a structured, effective training routine or you're bored of specific daily muscle splits 
- You want to enjoy training & fit it into your lifestyle sustainably - NOT see it as a burden or chore
- You’re looking to seek or create a goal, purpose or vision for your training future
- You want to improve: strength, lean muscle mass, aerobic fitness & body composition

This is NOT for you if:
- You’re a highly competent gym-goer with years of experience
- You have a goal of competing in body building
- You’re not motivated to put effort & work in
- You work extremely long days, 5/6 days a week [you need to look for a 2/3 day full body program] 
(by long days - I'm talking about 14hours + 🙄)

Nutrition Pack

Healthy Living Guide Overview: 
- 6 simple steps 
- Includes info on: general health, body composition, fat loss, creating a healthy relationship with food
- Strategies to improve adherence

Recipe Pack Overview:
- 28 recipes
- Every meal has calories & macros calculated by myself & barcodes included for MyFitnessPal
- Dietary/Allergy restrictions stated 
- What you need and how to cook/make detail with every meal/food
- Info on the contents on the meal: eg: meal prep appropriate, high protein, high carb/low carb, low calorie etc… 
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You will get a PDF (27MB) file

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£ 75.00

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