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March Astrology Forecast & Guide!

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March Astrology Forecast & Guide: PDF
With special bonus covering the first week of April & the Pluto - Jupiter conjunction

There are many highlights to March including Saturns big transition into Aquarius after spending the last few years in Capricorn. Saturn's transits tend to show us a great deal about where we collectively need to learn a big and "hard" lesson - so with it's movement into Aquarius we are getting a little but of a taste for what needs a massive revolution & overhaul in terms of our major structures & systems in the world. This is but a taste as Saturn only gets a little bit into Aquarius before it retrogrades back into Capricorn - BUT it will be there for good come this December - so this a major period of time either way - to practice & become familiar with this essence & lay down some foundations with the energy.

Mercury’s Retrograde continues but it shifts back into Aquarius for a hot minute before it then also turns DIRECT (yay!) here - it happens to be turning Direct on the same day as our Super Full Moon in Virgo - and side note - Virgo is ruled by Mercury! An interesting day that will be indeed. Mercury then swims forward, freely into the waters of Pisces once more.

Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus where she can help us get back in touch with nature & organic forms of beauty. Speaking of goddess energy - we have a Friday the 13th which is actually one of the days that are best spend Celebrating the Goddess archetype - I explain why in March's Astrology Forecast & Guide!

And the Aries New Moon this month is conjunct Chiron - the Wounded Healer - giving us a huge opportunity to integrate our Ego's in a really whole & healthy way.

As you can see there's a lot going on this month yet again and so I offer to you the March Astrology Guide to support you through this, day by day... Read on for the details.


  • Mercury Retro moving into Aquarius & Going Direct here then moving back into Pisces
  • Venus -> Taurus
  • Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces & Uranus conjunct Venus in Taurus on the same day
  • The Super Full Moon in Virgo (Mercury is direct on this same day!)
  • Friday the 13th - the Day of the Goddess
  • Aries Season beginning
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn
  • Saturn -> Aquarius
  • Vesta ->Gemini
  • New Moon Aries
  • Mars -> Aquarius
  • Mars & Saturn conjunct in Aquarius
  • Pluto & Jupiter conjunct in Cap
  • I always include the Goddess Asteroids: Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athene & Ceres in my forecasts 

You'll know where Pisces & Aries season falls in your Natal Chart using either your Rising or Sun sign (both contain relevant information) in addition to what houses the New & Full Moons are happening for you.

P.S I am NOT doing an April Astrology Guide (I need a wee break from writing so much so I can reflect using the rest of Mercury’s Retrograde) so I highly recommend getting this Guide as I cover the potent Astro of the first week of April which includes the very big Pluto & Jupiter conjunction - an aspect that will correlate with a lot of April’s collective energy.

P.PS - I did not do a recording option for March - as the PDF version has become the more popular option overtime with y'all.

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