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The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur

Prison Rideshare Network is a nonprofit organization. We produced this comprehensive guide as a tool to help formerly incarcerated people. Our goal is to help you thrive financially through gainful employment and/or entrepreneurship after your prison release.

This guide to employment and entrepreneurship includes useful information to help you find jobs with companies that hire felons. We offer tips to help you create your resume and cover letter, as well as get through the interview process and background checks, which can be very intimidating for ex-cons.

You’ll find useful tips on starting your own business. Get ideas for type of businesses you can launch, even if you’re on parole. Learn how to find small business funding and establishing both personal and business to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur is a useful tool for anyone currently or formerly incarcerated with a felony record. Don’t let your past dictate your future. You can still achieve your financial goals, even if you’ve served prison time.


The team behind Prison Rideshare Network has been working hard to build traffic and create valuable content for our audience. We have spent the past year going through many ups-and-downs, from website viruses to locked bank accounts, from vindictive writers to implementing new processes… we’ve endured and stood strong.

Some of our virtual assistants, editors, writers and data entry stars have been with us since the beginning and still remain on the team to this day. Others have gone on to do other things, with two “right-hand women” even going on to work in other countries.

I would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the following Prison Rideshare Network team members for their hard work and commitment to the brand:
  • Abigael Shem
  • Charles Omedo
  • Daniel Acosta
  • Heather Kay
  • Heidi Smith
  • Joseph Ogolla
  • Kiesha Joseph
  • Latoya Taylor
  • Merri Wong
  • Nicholas Sweeney
  • Toyo Bukhari
  • Riley Wharton
  • Shantoya Taylor
  • Tami Dixon
  • Tina Karen


I am Kiesha Joseph, a published author, content manager, Editor-in-Chief and prison loved one. When Toyo Bukhari approached me about creating a few blog posts to help ex-convicts find jobs after prison, it sounded like an awesome idea to me. My mother was due to be released from CIW in a matter of months. She and I could both use information like this to get her on her feet.

By the time Toyo began his research, he had already been a virtual assistant for the Prison Rideshare Network (PRN) brand for about a year. He had spent all of this time searching for hot prison news stories, researching topics, editing content and working as my “left-hand man.” So, I had no doubt that he knew exactly what type of information our audience needs.

Toyo submitted articles related to helping felons find jobs. And, to my surprise, he also included well-thought-out content to guide ex-prisoners through the process of finding business opportunities and launching and growing new startups. He included so much useful content that there was no way we could waste it on simple blog posts.

I decided to transform his pieces into an eBook. That’s when the idea behind The Felon’s 2019 Guide to Finding a Job & Becoming an Entrepreneur was born.

My Editor-in-Training, Daniel Acosta, turned the posts into an eBook, completing the basic visual formatting. He also added his SEO-editing touches, based on his extensive training as a Content Marketing Geek. This helped create an engaging, interactive guide for felons eBook.

With much more extensive research, content writing and visual editing, I was able to transform the simple eBook into an informative, comprehensive book with step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks for finding jobs and starting small businesses after prison.

As a prison daughter, sister, cousin and friend, I know what our loved ones need when they get out of prisons. One of the most important needs that can be hard to fulfill are long-term, decent-paying jobs. Helping newly released prison inmates find jobs leads to lower recidivism rates, which puts a dent in mass incarceration.

This eBook is Prison Rideshare Network’s effort to do our part to help felons find jobs that can actually support them after they get out. As the owner of PRN, I truly hope it brings value to the lives of our audience.

I dedicate this publication to my mother, Audrey Chatmon #X22166.

Kiesha Joseph
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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