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Remodeling with Concrete

How to Get a Perfect Finishing While Remodeling with Concrete?

Concrete is widely used for the construction and renovation of residential as well as commercial buildings. Due to its versatility and strength, it is considered the best choice to use for construction purposes. No doubt, concrete carries maximum strength, however, decorativeness and artistry of its exterior surface are also being considered to get a glooming look building component.

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If you’re planning to do remodeling with concrete, you must understand that it requires a smooth finish of the concrete surface. There are certain ways to get a smooth and flawless concrete finishing along with the versatility to make the surface much more attractive than ordinary concrete.

Concrete finishing

One of the most simple and basic types of concrete finishing is a smooth surface obtained with the help of different tools i-e trowels and screeds. Soon after the pouring of concrete finishing tools most often screeds are used to level the surface of the concrete. These tools can be made up of wood or metal and pushed accordingly over the surface of the concrete to remove the voids present in it as well as to gain a perfect and smooth finish of the surface.

Floating and Edging

After leveling out the surface of the concrete by screeds, to provide an extra touch to the smooth surface, trowels are used and this process provides fine-level and smoothness to the surface. Floating can be done manually as well as through mechanical means. 

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If you're concreting over a large area then power tools could be an ideal choice for this. Edging is a process to provide abraded and round edges to the surface. Moreover, edging is also done to provide expansion and contraction joints on the surface of the concrete to avoid cracks that might be happening due to variance in temperature.

Concrete texture

Along with the smooth surface finishing of the concrete, there are different ways to create amazing textures on the surface of the concrete to make it more elegant and beautiful. As we know the aggregates are the main constituent of the concrete, so washing out the top layer of concrete exposes the edges of aggregates and provides an attractive and rigid finish. Similarly, if rock salt is used on the surface of the wet concrete and then washing it out will leave small ditches on its surface that provides an amazing look.

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Concrete coloring

As concrete is a versatile material so you can add your desired colors to it to provide it an extraordinary and classy look. For that specific purpose, pigments are used just before pouring, as pigments are available in liquid form and placed in a mixer with other ingredients of concrete. You may get a variety of colors in pigments, especially earthy variants. Similarly, the color of concrete can also be accomplished by the use of different staining products. Water-based staining products are significant among all other staining products because they provide a wide range of colors. 

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