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Fallen - Lauren Kate

A seventeen year old girl named Lucinda Price (or Luce) is sent to a reform school called Sword and Cross after she is suspected of killing a boy she kissed Trevor, by fire. Luce meets several people whilst she is there, including Arriane,who instantly befriends her, and two boys, Daniel and Cam. Daniel is mysterious, a rude but beautiful boy that Luce is drawn to inexplicably, whilst Cam is friendly to her. On her first day she accidentally crosses Molly, a heavily pierced gothic girl who then dumps meatloaf all over Luce. When Luce runs to the bathroom, she is followed by a girl who introduces herself as Penn, the daughter of the deceased gardener, and whom offers to wash her hair for her. Luce and Penn quickly become firm friends.
During a class in the library where they are supposed to research their family trees, Luce instead types in 'Daniel Grigori', the name of the boy that she feels that she knows. The search does not reveal much, but Luce's interest is piqued in him.
Cam takes Luce on a date outside of the school grounds. However, when they enter the bar, they are set upon by drunken men. Cam easily defeats them, showing strength that is inhuman. Shortly after this, Daniel talks to Luce, explaining what is happening at the school, with the bizarre characters and almost supernatural occurrences. The majority of the people at the reform school are fallen angels; Gabbe (a beautiful girl who turns out to be the Angel Gabriel), Arriane and Annabelle (who initially passes herself off as Arriane's sister) are all on the side of God; whilst Cam, Roland (a black angel who is known for getting contraband) and Molly are under Satan's rule. Daniel has yet to choose a side. It is revealed that Daniel is cursed to love Luce. When he gets too close to her emotionally, she spontaneously combusts, dying before her eighteenth birthday. However, in this lifetime she has remained alive, despite him revealing this and despite a kiss that they share. It soon comes to light that Luce was not baptised in this lifetime, so if she dies, she will not be reincarnated.
A battle between the angels commences, and the school librarian, Miss Sophia, leads Luce and Penn (the only mortals) away from the battle. Once they are safe indoors, Miss Sophia reveals herself to be one of the 24 Elders of Zhsmaelin, a radical heavenly sect that is interested in finally tipping the balance between good and evil (by making Daniel choose a side). She kills Penn with a knife and attempts to do the same to Luce, but she is stopped in time by Daniel, Arriane and Gabbe. The battle outside is over, with no victor. Daniel informs Luce that she must be taken somewhere safe and entrusts her to Mr Cole, one of the teachers at the school who knows about the fallen angels. Luce is transported away by helicopter after sharing one final kiss with Daniel, who promises that he will see her soon.

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