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Charles Berner, the originator of the Enlightenment Intensive is the instructor of this course. He offers in-depth instruction and guidance on the fundamentals of enlightenment, the Enlightenment Intensive and how to do the Enlightenment Dyad Technique.

Enlightenment 101 is made up of Charles Berner's original audio and video lectures, written essays, guided meditations, study guides, drills, and dyad exercises that I've put together from his archives to help you to accelerate and refine your knowledge and understanding of enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive.

If you are new to the Enlightenment Intensive retreat or an experienced past participant of this world wide practice I know you will find these Charles Berner audio/video lectures informative and useful in your contemplation and non duality endeavors.

Charles Berner

"What I want to do is share with you everything that I know about helping people get enlightened. I want to give you the reasons for everything."

"The strength of the Enlightenment Intensive dyad structure is that another individual is telling you repeatedly to put your attention on the object of enlightenment. One tends to do for others what one won't or can't do for one's self." 

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Enlightenment 101

Enlightenment 101 includes a free Question and Answer seminar to be arranged.