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★★★★ "A new piece of Irish historical fiction that pulls you in through its protagonist, and is full of plenty of action," - Reedsy Discovery

★★★★ “To say this book is rich with action, adventure, and deep meaty history is putting it mildly,” – The Historical Fiction Company

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “a tale that is filled with twists, including stabbings-in-the-back, and one that puts readers on the edge of their seats,” – The Book Commentary

What would you do to save your clan?

Ireland 1585. When Eunan Maguire’s village is raided by the English, he flees, his parents are killed and he blames himself for their death.

When he meets Seamus MacSheehy, Seamus encourages him to go to the election of the new leader of the Maguire clan to claim his father’s voting rights. With Seamus’ guidance, he sets out to ingratiate himself with the new Maguire. But all is not well for Eunan is wracked with guilt because of the death of his parents and Seamus is not all he appears. The English invade Fermanagh, and he is called to fight.

Will Eunan discover the secret of his parent’s death? Will Eunan discover who Seamus MacSheehy really is and why he has taken such an interest in him? Can Eunan overcome his inner demons and save his clan from the English onslaught?

Bad Blood is the first novel in the ‘Exiles’ series of Irish historical fiction novels. If you love fast-paced action and adventure orientated historical fiction then you will love this book.

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