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Stories of the Beginning of Creation (epub)

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This book starts by describing the beginning of creation - from the Arsh (Throne) and the Kursi (Chair), the Pen, the Universe and all that is in it, such as the earth, mountains, oceans and rivers, the angels, the jinn, etc. Wherever necessary, the views and opinions of other notable scholars of Islam has also been recorded.

This eBook is compiled utilizing some of the highest quality and best standards of formatting in order to preserve and distinguish the layout of the eBook. It is an excellent work which caters for a large audience of the English speaking world and can be read by virtually all age groups. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by all those who read it.

Contents of the Book:

About this Book
In the Beginning
The First Thing Created
The Throne and the Chair
The Preserved Tablet
The Heavens and the Earth
About Mountains, Oceans and Rivers
Verses about Creation on Earth and in the Heavens
The Galaxy and the Rainbow
The Lote Tree and the Sacred House
About the Creation of the Angels
More about Angels in General
About the Creation of the Jinn
Final Words
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