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The Joy Of Being An Empath

By Genevieve Faulkner
An Empath is someone who is highly aware of other people's thoughts and feelings and can be a catalyst for other people's healing by transmuting the emotional energy. Do you have this capacity? When you don't fully acknowledge your capacities you use them against yourself, they become a curse instead of a gift. Do you find it hard to be in crowds? Do you shrink around judgemental people. Are you weighed down by other people's emotions? and do you struggle if you don't get enough time alone? If this is the case you may have some points of view about your capacities that are stopping you being empowered with them. Call One Can Assist You... Clear your points of view about being an Empath that makes feel limited or see your capacity as a weakness and not a strength. Undo the trauma from past lives where you took on too much from other people. Clear your resistance to specific emotional energies (like rage) that cause it to get stuck in your body. Clear where you think you are responsible for everything you are aware of. Undo where you are taking on the emotional energy of your parents and being weighed down by it Undo where you are trying heal the poverty in the world by taking on the program, and then getting stuck in them. Clear oaths, and vows to any soul families that are holding you and them back. Let go of your victim programs and step into your power. Clear where you are suffing in the name of being a healer. Undo your hypersensitivies to your enviroment. Call Two Can Assist You... Clear the implants that make you think you have no choice over your capcity to be a Empath. Undo the any trauma you have from childhood that is causing you to try and shut out the world. Clear where you get overwhelmed by other people's feeling of defeat or desire to die. Step into your capacity to be able to transmute all energy frequencies with ease. Clear your oaths and contracts to take on demons and entities for other people. Undo the trauma of past life where you were abused and gaslighted or experienced war which is causing you to make those things greater than your being. Start acknowledging the gift you are to this planet and consciousness. Call Three Can Assist You... Clear your resistance to awareness. Undo the implants keep you seperate from your body. Clear the things that make your body feel overwhelmed. Acknowledge your body's healing capacities. Undo where you are taking on suffering and heartache for your partner. Step into being allowance of all the insane things people choose. Undo being the problem solver for everyone else and being weighed down by their pain and suffering that they refuse to give up.

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