Good Hope Castle Chapter 2 only of proposed book

by Robert A Wilson

CHAPTER 2 ONLY Proposed book

I am currently writing a manuscript for a printed book entitled From Good Hope to St. Helena, covering my sea service from the 1970s to late 1992. The chapters include the last of the Union-Castle mailships, the Good Hope Castle, serving the island of St. Helena, two years in the cross-trades company of Silver Line, in a bulk carrier, an oil tanker, and a general cargo/log carrier. This was followed by my final 13 years at sea in RMS St. Helena (I) and RMS St. Helena (II) that were two small passenger liners that served the island of St. Helena between 1978, and the present day. The service in these two ships included a Ministry of Defence charter of 13 months, spent in the South Atlantic, 1982/83 as a mine counter measures support ship, and also a serious fire aboard the first St. Helena, that left us stuck in a West African port for one month for repairs. I have already written two books about RMS St. Helena (I & II). So in order not to repeat myself too much, this third book has a far greater emphasis on photographic images. This download is CHAPTER 2 ONLY. It is 16 pages in length, has 6,666 words, and 17 photographs. Its aim is to see what sort of interest there is in the forthcoming book that will be printed A4 size. I need to have an idea, so that I can decide how many to have printed initially.

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