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Become a Minimalist - Video Course

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What is this course? - Here I will teach you an amazing life skill called Minimalism or Voluntary Frugality, which no university or workplace will teach you. By learning this you can confidently handle your life's ups and downs without any fear or putting yourself in trouble, and also become financially and psychologically superior than the rest of the crowd.

Why such a course? - Many executives think that financial problems, suicides, etc., only happen to some other people but not to them. So, they happily lead a lavish lifestyle by increasing their standard of living. Secondly, they assume that their credentials, knowledge, friends, and good deeds will keep them employed forever. Sadly, they are mistaken.Today’s unpredictable economy, workplace headaches, health, family issues, etc., can make even the most qualified employee unemployed. What if one door closes and another doesn't open?

What you will gain? - This course is designed to help you overcome such risks and become a long distance runner in life and not a short distance runner.

What this course offers? - A set of self-paced Videos to confidently start your minimalism journey and achieve financial freedom.

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You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (33MB)
  • MP4 (66MB)
  • MP4 (47MB)
  • MP4 (36MB)
  • MP4 (53MB)
  • MP4 (24MB)

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