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Breath to Bear (Blood & Bone series book 2)

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A sexy, fast burn, emotional, second chance, rockstar romance with a happily ever after

These chains that weigh me down, my guilt I wear like a crown, SHE is my Breath to Bear

Jack O’Donnell

I thought telling my story would purge my demons, but it didn’t. If anything, it brought them closer to the surface. 

Now, they’re threatening to drag me back into the darkness and stop me from moving on with the journalist who captured my story and my heart.

The guilt I bear is heavy, the road I’ve traveled long and littered with scars that run deep. 

I’ve been down this road before, in love with two women at the same time.

It didn’t end well.

Erin’s running scared - for good reason - but I won’t let her get away that easy. 

I know what I need to do, but am I strong enough to let go of the past?

Erin Langford

Journalists are supposed to be objective, to look at a story as if you’re outside a window looking in. 

That’s what I was taught. 

That’s what I should have done.

Instead, I fell through the glass and right into Jack O’Donnell’s bed.

The memoire I was supposed to write turned into more than I bargained for. 

I’m in too deep.

So far gone.

He’s like a bad drug, making his way through my veins, and stopping my heart.

Yet, I still want more.

There’s just one problem - he’s still in love with someone else. She’s the ghost in the room, the girl that ruined him for all others.

Am I strong enough to be the one to help him heal?

Breath To Bear is the 2nd book in the Blood & Bone series and is NOT a standalone. The books must be read in order for the best reader experience.

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