Yes Master: Rise of the Witch

by Jason Gabriel Kondrath


Brethren, let me weave you a tale set in the modern age, if the present was bleak, then the future had never looked colder. Nearly half of the country’s population was suffering from hunger, isolation, mental illness and hopelessness. Technology had advanced so quickly that the need for human existence itself was becoming obsolete. 

Realistically only a fraction of the population had the potential to create a sustainable income, and with the remaining population doubling at a mathematical rate, it was painfully obvious that planet Earth would no longer be able to sustain the human race. 

When the food supply ended, famine, sickness and starvation were only the beginning, the panic and chaos that ensued would be on a global scale. And not even martial law would be effective.

In the aftermath, with no central government, society would collapse, and for the second time in human history the dark ages would fall.    

Death seemed certain for everybody, except those few that had either the money or power to escape it. And maybe not even the brightest or the wealthiest would be able to do that.

The global elite had begun putting the last stages of their contingency plan in action. One of which was the harvesting of underage women to be used as “breeders.”

The ratio of woman had to outnumber that of the men but “involuntary” selection had become extremely dangerous in the information age.

One of the most powerful weapons the “Globalists,” had was secrecy, but with the “Internet Terrorists,” bypassing and infiltrating even their most classified systems and then exposing that to the entire world in less than a nanosecond, the satanic elite were starting lose their grip.

Worse than that were the Internal "Whistle-Blowers" who could put any classified information on a random website and electronically upload it in a matter of minutes. they had lost their edge, forever.

So what were the alternatives?

Simple, If you could not dominate the world; destroy it.

The Matrix was imploding, and it was not just other countries warring, but factions within the United States Government itself, so no one could be trusted.

But I digress…

Mark was the handsome, arrogant, unspoiled little rich kid, who grew up getting everything he wanted, and it came easy.

Until Jeanie arrived.

Jeanie, the beautiful redhead whose emerald-green eyes held secrets; showed intelligence, compassion and maybe just a hint of danger, sparkled with a magic that entranced all who could see it.

But Mark was used to having everything he wanted, so the effects of her hypnotic beauty would not last long. Or so he thought.

The more aggressively he pursued her, the cooler her response.

Hard to get, try impossible?

Mark could not easily impress her with his wealth, as he had done with so many others before her, Jeanie’s family had money as well. Mark soon found out that Jeanie could not only match him, but even had him on his guard!

Mark was underterred; as he had already decided that Jeanie was to be his, a worth addition to his privileged life.

What the hell did woman know, half the time they couldn't decide on anything, and the other half they felt guilty for doing so. 

He would decide for the two of them, she was going to be the his obediant wife, and the mother of his children, nothing would stand in his way, not even Jeanie herself.

But Jeanie was not just something to be won like a prize, or conquered with a sexual obsession. If anything those very characteristics would have just the oppisite effect and drive her further away rather than draw her closer.
Then caught off-guard and in the heat of passion, Jeanie let her guard down for just a moment and unintentionally revealed herself in a way that left her vulnerable. 

Bad mistake for a woman who thought she was immune to the love of a man whom she knew would exploit her every weakness.

But she could forgive him even that, It wasn’t his fault, he was raised to be the epitome of “corporationalism” and to conquer by any means necessary. In a modern world it was simply money.

What Mark didn’t know was that there were other parties equally interested in Jeanie as well, but for their own reasons, just as selfish, but not as benign. Jeanie’s parents were employed by a division of the government, but nobody knew specifically what branch.

These people were evil, and her parents were only employed, because of their ancient bloodlines. It was a very dangerous sect that dealt with the paranormal, alien hybrids, cloning, and advanced technology. The powers that be, were very aware of Jeanie’s supernatural abilities because that was what she had been bred for.  

In a numerical ritual, Jeanie’s first, last and middle name were each composed of six digits. This 6-6-6,  combination identified a specific family lineage. Jeanie. Genealogy. Blood-lines. Jeanie was chosen because of her heritage. And the membership was exclusive. And this was the reason why Jeanie was so valuable to the Government. Even her own parents were expendable if Jeanie herself could be acquired instead.

But Jeanie’s was not a girl who would allow her life to be defined by something as arbitrary as a bloodline, nor would she permit herself to be used as a instrument of evil by a secret society, no-matter what they promised; no-matter what they threatened.

If Jeanie, would not come willing, they would take her by force and initiate her into their circle with a hellish ritual that would take control of her mind, body, and soul.

The soul being the most valuable commodity. And her soul they wanted most, it was not just an individual’s identity; it was also pure energy, and energy was power.

And now that energy could be trapped and manipulated, with a nightmarish process provided by an alien race, entitled “sheering” which was a type of soul scalping.

Once the soul was trapped in the material world and stored in a device apart from its body, this would make Jeanie a slave, not only in the physical world, but also on the spiritual plane as well, which was eternal.

Could Mark’s substantial wealth, power, and his penchant for brilliant alternatives in hopeless situations aid in saving Jeanie?

Or would Jeanie’s powers in the supernatural be strong enough to protect her, and the ones she loved, from all those who threatened to destroy her.


“Don’t you curse my name, Jeanie hissed, the tone had the sound of a woman who had lost all control of her facilties, Mark had pushed Jeanie so far over the edge she had been reduced to survival mode, and on the brink of Insanity.

Do NOT bellow at me, Do NOT even whisper, Jeanie said with a voice that Mark had heard only once before.

She seemed possessed.

Now he was terrified!!!

And he should have been, this woman he loved was about to kill him.”

“Yes, Master: Rise of the Witch”

by Jason Gabriel Kondrath

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