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Parasites Lost, a book

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This is a book about a way of governing any society, whether a labor union, a sports club or a country, without resorting to any representation of large numbers of people (citizens) by a single, elected representative. Since representation is the core generator of most corruption, this society will, at one stroke, be democratic, must be democratic. This is the holy grail of the anarchists, namely getting rid of elections for representatives. It is done by resorting to the power of computers to organize every aspect of voting for every issue. It is incompatible with our system of organization in the United States, whether labor union or corporation or political state. It cannot be framed as any kind of add on to current practices. Thus the need for a book to explore all of the complicated ways in which such a revolutionary society must be organzed. I can't foresee, just theoretically, all of the issues, problem and questions but I can show a skeletal outline to prove that it is possible in one instance.

Check it out! This is NOT electronic voting which is the ONLY topic that Google recognizes as computers used in elections.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file