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Psychology And Child Growth ~ By S. Ram

The growth of the child whether it is physical, intellectual or moral, is the central concern of the teachers and the parents alike. A child has all the potentialities of growth within himself. The task of a teacher is to help the child in the growth process.
Education is a process, a sequence of actions. The participants are teachers and students, individual human beings. Each has a human nature, which in turn is compounded from constituent interacting animal and social natures. The animal heritage tempts us to deal with problems and stresses by acting out reflexively and impulsively i.e., emotionally. The social nature developed, through consciousness, language, memory, and learning, inclines us to deal with problems through the effort to comprehend what is involved. These two methods of dealing with situations, acting out and inquiry, have to be reconciled, and they have to be reconciled in every new situation.
The above areas have been covered in this book in various dimensions. The editor is grateful to Herbert A. Helen, Judy J. Sharplin, Sylvia Ashton Warner and others for referring to their material many often.
My thanks are due to Prabhat Kumar Sharma for his timely publication of the Book.

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