Step Down Cove Ceiling Feature

by Dale Ovenstone

A study at home tutorial workbook shows you steps to creating beautiful ceiling features in as little as 3 days onto existing ceilings inside your home or place of work, with little or none prior knowledge.

Unique range of how to books 'step down coved ceiling feature' is only 35 pages, a concise learning tutorial easy to follow with coloured photos throughout, accompanied with complete explanations for DIY enthusiasts to follow simple steps to create outstanding ceiling features like the ones on the cover (onto existing ceilings inside homes, places of work ect).

Using inexpensive, widely popular & obtainable building materials which are easy to work with

There are absolutely no specialist / expensive tools required for creating step down coved ceiling features

No need for mitre boards, special mitre triangles, mitre saws, ect

I show you how to expertly cut interior / exterior cornice / coving / moulding / molding cuts mitres so each piece fits perfectly next to each other with no joins showing, and is level throughout. The process is so simple any enthusastic DIY er' could do it

Using an ordinary jack-saw, and a pencil for marking, also a tape measure plus a sharp scoring knife, such as a 'Stanley Knife' will be required to measure & cut material / create steps & features / and fix up cornice, coving. Plus a few other popular DIY tools

If you have any questions about any aspect of this book, please email me from my contact info

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