Amazing Herbs

by bb lee

Tap Into the Healing Power of Nature With This Collection of More than 66 Herbs!

Perhaps you are one of the millions of concerned individuals looking for a more natural way to treat common ailments. Amazing Herbs is the ultimate answer to that question. Inside you will find a wide selection of herbal remedies that will have you feeling better and healthier without the need for toxic chemicals. A number of the herbs are probably already in your kitchen cupboards! Other herbs are readily available at supermarkets or health food stores.

Do you suffer from headaches? Try the Headache Remedy in the book.

Suffering with PMS? Brew up a batch of Black Cohosh Tea and ease the symptoms.

Got a cold or the flu. Try the Flu Or Cold Remedy Eucalyptus Leaves to help relieve symptoms.

Can't Sleep? Check out Lemon Balm Tea which is a natural relief for insomnia.

Stomach feeling upset? Nausea problems? Try this household remedy found in common kitchen spices.

Or maybe you suffer with stress . . . Inhale this sweet fragrance to soothe jangled nerves and stress.

I really enjoyed putting this book together because in Amazing Herbs you will find the remedies here and many more natural herbal remedies. Why fill your body with man-made chemicals and risk the side-effects that many drugs might have, when you can use natural remedies?

Get your copy of Amazing Herbs by Body Care Editor BB Lee today and get started on your way to natural health.

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