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(Dr. William Campbell) Well, Dr. Naik has brought up some real problems. I do not agree with his answer about the Qur‟an, in times of the alaqa and mudga - I still think it is a big problem. But that is his opinion and my opinion. So everybody will have to go home and think about it themselves. He spoke about…„He has not met any person that took the poison test.‟ I cannot present the person, because he has already gone to be with the Lord. But I have friend Harry Rancliff, and he lived in a town in the South of Morocco - and one of his people who he thought was a friend, invited him over for a lunch…For a dinner, and he invited the wife and son also. So when Harry agreed to go, somebody came and knocked on the door and said…„The man is gonna poison you.‟ So they went - Harry took this very verse which you read, and he decided that he should go, because he had said he would. So he went, he waited, hoping to find a time when the man brought in the „Kuskus‟, he could turn away… the man would go out, and he could turn the „Kuskus‟ around. But there was no such time - So he dug in, and he ate. His wife was too…she was not able to eat very much - and they had fed their son before they went. But Harry ate, and that night Harry got pains in his stomach, and he had some blood - but he lived. And so two days later he went, knocked on the door - The man came, and opened the door, and his face went absolutely white – And Harry thanked him for the meal. I thought, so I give you this one example any way. Now you have said about - Jesus was only sent to the Jews….„Only go to the Jews and not to the Gentiles. Well in the Qur‟an itself, it talks about Mary - And then she says…„I do not know any man,‟ in Surah No.19: 21. And then it says that…„Jesus is to be a sign unto men, and a mercy from us.‟

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