The Paladin - A Dungeon World Playbook

by Awful Good Games

This class presents a complete alternative to the paladin class found in Dungeon World. 

While it's still a capable melee warrior (moreso against the denizens of evil), most of its abilities are built around the seven-heavenly virtues: you choose three at the start of the game, and can choose more using advanced moves. Each virtue grants you an ability and forbids you from doing something, and most of the twenty-five advanced moves require and build onto the virtues you chose, so not all paladins will feel or play the same way.

As with our other alternative classes, this is intended to replace the default paladin, but frankly they're both different enough that you could use both at the same table.

This product contains three files.

A letter-sized character sheet that use our new character sheet layout (so that we could fit all twenty five advanced moves).

The other two are digest-sized books, one in color, the other in black and white (to make it easier to print at home if you want). They both contain:

  • The paladin class.
  • New weapons and armor (including armor for animals).
  • The cavalier compendium class.
  • A director's cut with questions to ask yourself when rolling up a paladin, explanations/clarifications for some of the moves, and some extra moves that we couldn't fit on the sheet.

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (4MB)
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (764KB)

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$ 2.75

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