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The Elven Stones: Family

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They threw her out. Now, she’s their only hope to survive.

Willowvine yearns for inclusion. Banished by the elven community for bringing bad luck as an orphan, she wishes she could earn her way back in… just to have the pleasure of turning them down. So when a mysterious client hires her to save her race from extinction by recovering the stolen Stone of Power, the outcast elf leaps at the opportunity.

Paired with a fellow orphan, Willowvine battles resentment at having to rescue the very people who shunned her. But with time running out before all elves are wiped from existence, she faces murderous opposition from a jealous rival and a thief determined to see her join the rest of her species in death.

Can Willowvine preserve the peers who rejected her?

Family is the page-turning first book in The Elven Stones fantasy series. If you like headstrong heroes, action-packed adventures, and intriguing magical lands, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s epic countdown to doomsday.

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