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The source of Life that builds everything and builds you has creative and destructive forces or energies.
For a new apple tree to grow, rotten apple fruits must once again nourish the soil. It must die for life to appear again. This death is life too. Our mind is capable of accepting these destructive and pro-creative forces in the apple tree, we are capable of psychologically accepting these facts in Nature. But in our life, the destructive forces that collaborate with the constructive flow of Life, are extremely threatening to us. Losing a job, a relationship, a home, a company, a loved one, an object... and finally losing what we call "our life", make up our Ego's basic fear of annihilation. It is the voice of the Ego that makes us live in the illusion of gain and loss of something that can neither be lost nor gained: the unique life. And death as the borderline fear, the most terrifying fear in our way of interpreting the world. This book teaches you to understand who you really are and to accept and use positively the destructive forces of Life, which we call "loss", and make them a continuous new creation. In an energetic universe nothing ever "dies", it is only a movement of energy, a movement of our mind. When you understand that death and life are complementary forces, you will stop fearing losses and you will be able to create a life in continuous expansion. You will let an Intelligence greater than fear operate for you. That intelligence we can call God. I prefer to call it "The Self", but the name is only a sign that is not important to point out something that is beyond any name or label. For this you must let fear and attachment die. This book teaches you that. To live by dying to the fear of death in order to truly live. To live by being reborn every moment.

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