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Now part of my podcast DEADLAND. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. My podcast will always be free, but it is not free to make. Purchase of this book helps me keep things up and running. And of course, I say, thank you.


It has been eight months since the the zombie virus swept through Tres Hombres Substation and changed Beverly Sanders' life forever. She, her husband Mark, and their young son Tommy have tried to hang on while all around them the world fell victim to one zombie horde after another. A simple message, broadcast twice a day on every channel has drawn them out.

"This is Nicole Bennett. We are survivors. To anybody that can hear us, and can get here, we offer you refuge..."

On the road, they meet Sheriff Jacob Miller and learn that not all who heard the message believed it was real. Jacob roams the Deadlands, chasing demons of his own and following the horde that took his town. Will he help Beverly and her family reach Colorado, or will they fall victim to his guilt and sadness?

After the zombie apocalypse, Gary Sykes gave survivors a chance. Nicole Bennett and her Colorado safe haven will give them a hope.

All they have to do is get there.


Email the book to your Kindle device. Works with the Kindle / Kindle Apps.

Go to Settings of your Kindle device or app
locate the Kindle email address.
Can also be found on the "Content and Devices" tab under your account tab on, "Manage Your Kindle."
See the list of email addresses for each of your Kindle devices.
Send an email to the Kindle email address, attach the MOBI and send the email.
After a few minutes, it should appear.
You will get a MOBI (1MB) file