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THE ALPHA STRAIN - Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller Book 3

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An ancient hominin fossil. A narcissistic billionaire. A fight to get it first.

Recruited by the United Nations, Alex and Sam set off on their most dangerous mission yet. Their task––find and retrieve the last remaining fossil evidence that may link humanity with mitochondrial Eve from a death-defying underground cave system in war-torn South Africa!

But the fearless team soon comes face to face with the perils of a nation in conflict against each other. Caught in the crossfire of a country plunged into a historically charged political war, keeping their wits about them and allegiance to their mission are the only things keeping them from being killed.

And lurking in the shadows, a narcissistic billionaire with a sinister desire to feed his ego will stop at nothing to steal the fossil. Seeking more than mere power and acclaim, his motives drive him to stop at nothing to get his hands on the relic before anyone else does.

Will Alex and Sam successfully complete their mission and escape South Africa unscathed, or will this be their first mission to leave more harm than good in its wake?

The Alpha Strain is Book #3 in the Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller series. Based on real facts, an actual excavation and a true-life fossil discovery.

*Includes bonus content to download.
Suitable as a standalone novel.

*Clean Thriller
*Christian Romantic Suspense
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