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Healing the Angry Brain

Healing the Angry Brain is intended for people with angry brains. An angry brain is one that has programmed you to do some or all of these
Consciously and subconsciously get angry at a moment’s notice
Become very excited and agitated when you do get angry
Have trouble thinking or planning because your anger is so strong
Act impulsively on your anger and frequently regret what you did afterward
Have difficulty listening to others because you are so angry
Hold on to your anger until you become overloaded with resentment
Fly into dangerous rages that leave you feeling out of control of your own body
Develop a worldview in which most or all people are perceived as enemies

The goal of this book is to help you do all of the following:

Understand what happens inside your brain when you get angry, and understand why every time you become angry your brain becomes more
chronically angry.
Learn how the brain changes and the principles of change (often called “brain plasticity”) that will allow you to develop a calmer brain.
Identify specific areas in your brain that function less than perfectly and so are at least partly responsible for creating your angry brain.
Gain hope and motivation to change by realizing that you have the knowledge and skills to alter the way your brain works.
Relate this information about how the brain works to the tools taught in anger management programs, such as taking time-outs and empathy
training, so that you can more fully appreciate the reasons for using these skills.
Design a personal brain retraining program that will lessen your anger and help you lead a better life.

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