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The Infinite Trilogy Book 2

By John Steinbauer
Description...Join me on a journey past a thousand suns and spectacular seas of tranquil waves of serenity. Opening your heart's energy source connecting the vast creation beyond the human mind. Explore the infinite amount of knowledge from the bridge of eternity clearing your sight to the expansive light and love that reaches and is within us all. Love is the answer. The distance from that space creates the void of uncertainty, an exploration from what could be and how your life is now. The void is the relentless choice to stay there, the reality is you don't have to. Our thoughts embark our reality creating the darkness we hold so close wrapping the veil that over shadows our inner light. Dreams, waking life, realities, holograms, matrixes, and dimensions are to be explored and envisioned by the many theories, philosophies and data that is reaching a climax and connecting our souls as one. The many paths individually explored, reaches a new spectrum of the infinite amount of channels to get you from one moment to the next. There is a joyful, tranquil, common flow of neutrality within our core energy source that unifies the cosmos with the source of our true being. Reaching this knowing amplifies the truth in us all crossing the paths of moments of our time. Be astonished that you have a front row seat to the most spectacular movie production ever recorded: life, and you also play a major role in this epic adventure that you create, changing the character you play as each scene unfolds. The stories of yesterday are yours to write today, creating a more magnificent tomorrow. The cosmos are calling, are you listening?

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