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Loose Cannons

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The life of a Scout is hardly ever dull.

A new mission from Commander Heinnés takes Ervyn and Lochan to the garrison of the Royal Artillery in Derrhwÿn, where the couple find themselves hard-pressed and in a tight spot.
Loose Cannons is an Order Series novella (Book 3.1) featuring a wee bit of adventure, a hot encounter in the armoury pavilion and the after-effects of a dodgy love talisman. (Don’t try it at home!)

Tags: military-romance, special-forces, slice-of-life, soulmates, you-are-my-everything, mine-mine-mine

The Order Series: Soldiers. Lovers. Soulmates.

Recommended reading order: The Mutt, The HighlanderTwenty-One Arrow SaluteThe Scouts
Loose Cannons
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