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World Peace & Sanctity of all life (Special edition combo)

World Peace - Famous speeches
by Hearts and Minds Media

World Peace - Famous speeches

World peace or peace on Earth is an ideal state of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and peoples. This ideal of world non-violence provides a basis for peoples and nations to willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance that prevents warfare. While different cultures, religions, philosophies, and organizations may have differing concepts about how such an ideal state might come about, they have in common this ideal of a cessation of all hostility amongst all humanity.

World Peace could be established through religious or secular organizations that address to human rights, technology, education, engineering, medicine, or diplomacy used as an end to all forms of fighting. For example, since 1945, the United Nations and the 5 permanent members of its Security Council (the US, Russia, China, France, and the UK) have worked to resolve conflicts without war or declarations of war. However, nations have entered numerous military conflicts since that time.

Famous speeches are added from earliest to latest to emphasise the point that global peace is still within the hands of the people as spoken by philosophers, rulers, prophets...


The value and respect for all life. To include artificial in the future?
by Hearts and Minds Media

The value and respect for all life. To include artificial in the future?

 Respect for all life
We humans have big brains and advanced technology, but it does not mean we are superior and have dominance over nature. Sadly, we have taken it for granted that Earth and all its riches, including animals, were created for our benefit.

We, like all other life forms, are part of nature. We depend on one another for survival. Humans, like other forms of life, cannot live without a healthy environment. It is only right that we take care of nature.

“Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay.” ~ Albert Einstein ~

"Let us develop respect for all living things. Let us try to replace violence and intolerance with understanding and compassion. And love." ~ Jane Goodall ~

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction." ~ E. O. Wilson ~


Considering human beings and the sanctity of life in modern society.

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