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The business of being paid: pricing, pitching, boundaries and closing sales

Ok let's talk about money...

I shared a post on Instagram about asking to be paid...

'When you begin your own gig, there really is no rule book. Everyone is starting from a unique place. 
However in order for you to become 'in business' there needs to be swift turning point when you begin to talk about money and for money to actually reach your bank account. 
It sounds obviously right? However it wasn't for me. For years, I undercharged and over-delivered. I gave away hours of my time for free to be a 'good person'. I am a 'all hands on deck until you get the job done' type of person, and I think so many of us are taught this. None of us want to be complete twerps, do we? 
However I feel it is very important to raise the topic. 
Doing what I do and offering the range of topics that I do, I have seen it all. 
Gushing emails of 'We would love to have you'
Or 'It is a top secret project but definitely has legs' 
Or 'It would be amazing exposure for you' 
Or 'Good experience' 
I had a meeting last year with an international company who at first were pretty flabbergasted that I would charge. I respectfully mentioned that everyone else in the building was getting paid for their contribution. Or at least that was my presumption. 

So I want to help you to build a framework: 

Here's what you will learn in the course: 

1)  Creating a range of offerings that will benefit you and your clients' budget, commitment and the results they require

2) Uncovering 'free content'and how can you decide whether you should offer a taster or a sample with the hope of generating more work. 

3) How you can price your offerings so you can deliver high quality whilst remaining competitive. Over delivering and undercharging are traits I regularly see. PS. I want you be financially rewarded for your hard work...otherwise it is just an expensive hobby. 

4) Uncover limiting beliefs that may hold you back from selling what you have to offer, charging your worth (without regularly discounting) and moving from being 'supportive online' (which is great) to getting money into your bank account. You can do both. 

5) How you can move from a chat with a potential client 'I am really interested in working with you- this sounds exactly what I need' to them becoming a client and getting huge value from your services. 

6) How you can find clients who are willing to pay your fees and not just lurkers of your free content. 

7) How you can build a long term relationship with your customer; e.g they may begin with a purchase of under £20 and build up to a long term commitment.

You will get the following files:

  • PNG (433KB)
  • MP4 (566MB)
  • MP4 (86MB)
  • M4V (228MB)
  • M4V (278MB)
  • M4V (233MB)
  • M4V (190MB)
  • M4V (131MB)
  • M4V (180MB)
  • M4V (118MB)

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