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Unholy Temptation Signed Paperback

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As an assistant pastor at Simply Grace Church, it’s my duty to abstain from the appearance of evil—which includes keeping my sexual orientation to myself, same as I’ve done with my close-knit family.
Yet I knew I was different when at age fourteen, I woke from a dream with the evidence of my desire for him.
Aiden McNelis, my older brother’s best friend.
But he left for the west coast after graduation, and I chose God.
Almost sixteen years later, Aiden’s return catches me unaware, but even more surprising is how he’s changed. He looks at me with more than friendship in his eyes, studies me like he wants to strip me down body and soul.
Aiden’s curiosity closely mirrors mine, challenging my spirituality with unholy temptation.
But giving into my sinful nature, touching the forbidden, won’t just tear apart the life I’ve built for myself.
It will ruin my family as well.

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