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The Four Buddhas

By Ash Pumma
The novel is written with a laid back approach which follows four guys who are in there final few weeks of university. Readers of the story who have lived in shared accommodation will be able to identify with similar situations such as “the stoners”, the “hard guys” and of course “the girls” with the security guards and shop keepers also making an appearance. The story is written from the view point of one of the main characters whose story who acts as a mutual link between the reader and the story. As the reader gets to know the characters and the story builds a series of unpredictable events all trigger to land the boys in one big mess.
As the story progresses a list of rules which the boys try to abide by comes apparent but in order to progress with their lives (or to get out of some sticky situations) they find themselves having to either break their own rules. For the majority of the time the guys are “high” and are rarely sober when they make their decisions. This leads them to a state of seclusion from the rest of the world and they create their own style of laid back living, From this approach the lads get involved with a range of characters who live in around there vicinity.

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