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The key of David is an original book that unravels authentic bible code throughout the Holy Bible.  This evidence is further proof of God's amazing genius contained in just the Word itself.  This book includes math equations, algorithms, coded affirmations, graphs and illustrations to dissect some of the infinite code woven throughout the scriptures.

Master Key Algorithm - A Word key traced in Matt. 26:64 Jesus on trial, “It is as you say.” Jesus spoke the key, you say it as is - a, s, is or leave as is. Apply this principle to all words or phrases in the Holy Bible

when you re-scramble them as anagrams.  Yes the entire bible is engineered in anagrams. The revealed words affirm the immediate book chapters’ detailed truths, foreshadows and prophesies. Words outside of scriptures may be revealed in scripture, but has no bases to affirm scriptures. However words in the bible can be found encoded in many outside sources.  The literal scriptures function as direct code and the implied descriptions work as indirect code.

The 3 categories the anagrams fall under are only:

1. Original state of creation.

2. The effects of sin and the curse.

3. Who Jesus Christ is as God, Messiah, Creator and Son of Man

English Key Algorithm - This is a language key, the entire human language is actually one language. Early man once began with a universal tongue before babel. When God confused man’s language during Babel He simply reversed what we know as a basic English backwards and gave different groups distinct vocal accents with variant speeds. All languages come together only through the Holy Bible to default English. First, a bible translated into other languages with basic English alphabets can be scrambled in anagrams and you will still get different variations of biblical affirmations in English. Input other languages and output English affirmations, but only through the bible.

Vocally reading scriptures in the bible in English will reverse into other English biblical facts. Reading scriptures in the bible in other languages will reverse into English biblical facts. All vocal tongues reverse into English despite the written alphabet. The only catch is that a person has to drop their accent, the accent hides the common language like a barrier.
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