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Play Dough Learning Mats: Alphabet, Numbers, Sight Words, Shapes - The Bundle

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Inspire your students to LOVE their alphabet, sight words, numbers and shapes by using dough! These mats are a fun way to practice forming letters, sight words, numbers and shapes. It's also great fine motor practice. The mats also include guided letter formation tracing font and some multi-sensory activities right on the same mat. Students will build their letters, sight words, numbers and shapes by rolling play dough and then use the pieces to form them. Laminate these or use them in clear pocket pouches where students can use dry erase markers on.
Recently updated with Rhyming Dough Mats!
Save 20% when you buy this bundle valued at $36.50 in total if purchased individually - you'll end up getting two packs for free + THE BONUS!
Are your students ready to start learning sight words/numbers/shapes/alphabet?

Are your students struggling with remembering sight words/numbers/shapes/alphabet?

Are any of your students ESL learners?

This BUNDLE includes:

CVC Dough Mats

Sight Word Dough Mats

Shapes Dough Mats

Number Dough Mats

Alphabet Activity Dough Mats {lowercase letters}

Alphabet Activity Dough Mats {uppercase letters}


Please check out each individual pack with the links above to see what you will be getting in detail! Please make sure you have WINZIP or a software on your PC which can extract a ZIP file.
I needed something to help my learners and inparticular my ESL students in reading the word in context, tracing for handwriting, then writing the word. These mats do just that! The mats include a guided tracing font with numbers for letter formation, this indeed helps you identify whether the student is following the guide for handwriting.

I hope your students enjoy these, check out the preview for more details on what's included in this pack. :)


KG Fonts


Pamela Hyer

Confetti Graphics
You will get a ZIP (48MB) file

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