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The Night which changed my life-Part 1...!!!

Novel: The Night which changed my life......










An eerie silence

Things out of range

My Exemplification

Equation gone wrong

X changed to Y meaning death

Lasting hope lost anti-love software needed..

Insensitivity to pain-Biggest turn

Escape plan-Get the hell outta here..








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Enjoy this book filled with my thoughts. A good book which makes you feel a bit different. A good book which mesmerises you. A good book which pays the sum of youe valuable time...

      Wait a minute! Now relax your mind for sometime approximately 0.09899 seconds and open your eyes to read this pleasant book!!!

Chapter 1: An eerie silence!                   

 ‘Varun, please show mercy. Why don’t you clean your room? I have begged a million and one times to clean your room but you are a vagabond with stupidity, always going out and partying with your schoolmates.

Don’t you have time to clean your room? There is a living hell here and what are these Odds and Ends? Scattered books, pencils, pens, rotten pizzas under your bed, foul odor and what is this? Oh my! Not again, spec no.48 broken and pretending for 3 weeks that it went into repairing. Rascal!’

  ‘Dad, I’m home’ I said grinning towards him and he came near me with a flushed angry face like piercing flames with great luminosity and my silence began to conquer the place and many questions pinned on my head like rockets. Did dad get any complain from Sudheer uncle as I broke down his China vase? No, no I did apologize to him and he even gave us the ball and a cricket bat of his own. Ah! I think he got a phone call from the headmaster because I whistled in the class and taught at least 99.9 % of my class to whistle. I won’t get disappointed when I even get the worse marks in science but I’d  become a easy companion to depression if I don’t get the whole, you know like 100 % . I couldn’t teach only one girl to whistle because she was absent. But that cannot be possible because there is only one cell phone in our house and it is with me all the time because dad wants to enquire where I am all the time. Dad began rushing towards me and I seriously begin to think of the enigma. My body exuded perspiration and I thought deeply inside and still inside and there it is I dug out the treasure(reason) and it was my marks which made him pesky and so I apologized without thinking.

‘Dad, I know I made you sad every time but just give me a chance. I am sorry about my marks’ I said perspicuously giving him a detailed, concerned explanation. But to my wonder, I saw my room scattered and shaggy and dad was holding my spectacles in hand. And I got caught red-handed and dad said:

‘Marks? ‘What is the matter with you? You told me that the marks were on ending of this month’ I stammered a little bit and holding a small pillow and partially covering my face I told him ‘Da… da… dad ‘. But he yelled at me and a huge volcano with lava raised as I lingered a few droplets profusely and then went into my room with the determination to study but I promised a friend that I will come to see the India Cricket match ODI SERIES between Aus VS Ind in his house as it was a deciding match due to series drawn for a 2-2. So, determination flew away and I deviated from my study plan. I thought I would start reading my curriculum after a few days and in the name of ‘combined-studies’ I quickly moved away from the house and went on to my friend Raman’s house. We watched the match and India won it with MS.Dhoni becoming the hero. Then, Raman asked me about my studies. I gave him a brief explanation of starting it after a few days. He asked me to study for a while  but I refused and told him that as I didn’t have my specs I cannot study for now and left to home to have a meal as stomach made some low frequent vibrations by which I realized that I was hungry. I rushed towards home and it was night 7:30.As I came by walk, I profoundly found it lazy and tired to walk home again as it was like 3 km. I sat on a wooden bench in the Rajiv Park and it was close to 9:00 and the park was going to get closed. I laid my body on the bench with laziness and gravity dominating me. I was scratching the rusted iron bench which made it loose its luster. I wrote my name with a sharp-pointed blackish marker and was disturbing the clean, sharp grass moving my feet in the ground and covered some of the grass with a mud topping just like a pizza with cheese ginger exotic spicy chill paste. The security guards of that respective park told me to empty the place as soon as possible. But I saw that the park remains open till 12:30. But anyway I came out of the place and started to walk with long strides towards home. Dizziness and mystique accompanied as I was sure that once my eyelids start drooping I would go into sleep and when I was leaving, I heard the security guard’s:

‘Why are we closing our park early? It should be open till 12:00’

‘You are new, you don’t know about this place? Every Tuesday and Wednesday

 Our politicians sell 10th, 11t h, 12th and as well as Inter Papers here. As we are allowing them to do this illegal work, we get 10 % of what they get and we share fifty-fifty.’

‘But this is not approved here. We should cease them and call to the police force and warn them about these bastards. All are equal in terms of justice. They cannot just slide away from my hands. According to the section 303 section a enclosed 2 (a), (b), we will hand them to police.”

          But then to my amusement, I saw something really disastrous that the new guard was killed by a big goon or thug who had a big moustache, nails painted red and had tattoos which had a skull head and on his right ear was a golden colored ear ring. It was a scenario which ripped my heart into two and said ‘Run and Run and just Run’ I thought that the goon saw me and I gave a loud piercing cry which created undivided attention upon me as the neighbors hit the streets and rushed towards me and enquired what had happened .I said them that sprinkling water on the face when anybody sleeping is a bad habit and any citizen should postpone their plans if they ponder to do it” And then I stepped into reality that I slept on the road and my saliva was falling on the thick sand below my mouth and the pressure in the moisture of air made me uneasy for a while. When I woke up I guessed that I was having muscular pains and saw my watch it was 5:30 morning and I was worried about dad. I came home and dad took off his belt and gave me a canning for a few minutes.

‘Where the hell have you been? Were you partying still 6:30 in the morning with your dirty friends? Answer me and face me, don’t keep your face down’

‘I was tired and accidentally slept on the road. I am sorry, please. From now on, I cross my heart and say that I will not disappoint my dad and my mo….and it is over’ I said and dad tirelessly scolded me for my laziness, improbity, moral behavior, not to say but most importantly particular – Stupidity. But that time I remembered something most important- General Knowledge Exam. It was then I understood why that bloody Raman asked me about studies. As I was in 10th class, the exam duration was 3 hours and tension pierced my heart and brain into two. I had promised dad that I would be getting more than 60% but who know fate is the one which decides what will happen. Keeping this thought in my mind I went to the school as I went to the World War-I. My mind was still in yesterday remembering the strokes of Dhoni as I started to tremble when I saw the Question paper. My head collapsed and a slight headache started. I thought not to fear and faced it with a zealous spirit. I fought belligerently in myself within and remembered dad’s face and started to march towards the enemy (paper) and conquer the provinces (questions). My question paper went like this:

A   :  Bhagat Singh wrote that book which was lost when he was shooting some British guys. It was found or precisely said stolen by an anonymous person whose name is synonymous to Bhagat Singh. I have surfed on Internet and have done research on this. Why don't you tell me the man who stole it?


A   : The Discoverer of Television. Clever, isn't it?,teacher. According to the Constitution of Varunindia, Article No.45345,ammendment no.564,paragraph 5654 indicates that Varun is the inventor of everything. No one can judge him. In simple words, just think that VARUN IS GREAT.

Q3: X travels 10 km North turns left and travels 4 km and then again turns right and coves another 5 km. He then turns to right hand side and travels another 4 km. How far is he from the point of starting his journey?

A   : If he took a map of his locality, we can easily find out the distance from his house to his journey. He can buy maps at the Feroz Shah Library at Hi-Tech City which costs only 7.95 rupees. It can give you accurate measurements in terms of distance.

         There were still many loads of questions which made me mad and I tried to fill them with some inappropriate matter. I thought that as the teacher saw me as a bright student and an intellectual, I thought she would show me partiality like giving me more marks than the original marks. I came out of the examination hall and discussed some questions with my friends as they had grinning faces which reflected happiness. I thought that the test will be okay and discussed the paper:

‘Varun, how did the paper go? Yesterday, when I asked you about studies, you seemed extremely cool and relaxed.’ said Raman.

Listening to his words, I thought to run away from there but other friends surrounded me like the kids surround the ice-cream seller when they want the palatable treats. I saw all the possibilities of my examination marks and my brain reported me like this:

At One side: You blithering idiot! You did not learn even a single damn word and went to the exam. What did you do that day? Watched a cricket match and slept on the street like a mob shamelessly.  You are a blunderer and the dearest friend to you is mistakes. I assure you that you will get a ladoo, a complete 360 degree circle with countless number of remarks.                    At Other side: You are my gem and kept my name up. I will proudly announce you as an idiot and a stupid who cares about only ‘fun’. But don’t get disappointed my lad, the teacher knew that you are a bright student and you can get marks with ease as partiality will do its work. I assure, you will get 85 above marks in your test. This is nothing but corruption in studies as in politics.


 I agreed the statement of other side of the brain as it helped me to recover the wound quickly in time. I saw my friends and told them that I will get better marks this time exasperatedly as I was not sure of them. I rushed to home and saw it locked with a letter inside. The letter was crinky with yellow folds and had some blue markings on it which told some words which turned my body frozen and shocked. Diligently, I read the diminutive words which said ‘Give us the papers and money back or else you will see your father hanged to death.

He is with us weeping like a cry-baby and deliver it to us by 3 days or else there will be news: Son arrested for committing PARENTICIDE!.................’

Seeing this I was shocked and an eerie silence broke out…

Chapter 2: Things out of range…..

        I went to the cops in a hurry and told them about dad’s kidnap efficaciously providing the desired effect with my shocked facial expressions. As I told them the whole story some sort of mystique was created in the environment. My effulgent face made them think deeply of the mystery on how to find out the place where they kept my father. I was worried and tension took it’s time to make my face look gloomy and strange. Then my nerves starred to pull out my skin stressing more about yesterday. I sat on a brown-grey rust colored bench which was scattered with tiny particles of bacteria and other microbes. I took a sip from the jar and started to think. The cops asked me number of questions and I answered them suitably. It was the time my egocentric soul made me recollect all the joyful moments with my dad and I realized that I was a misanthrope who was selfish and only ridiculed others. I began to cry profusely thinking about him. I didn’t like dad’s scolding and canning, when he did that I used to curse him with abusive language. But fate thought me that I can live without oxygen but not without my dad’s euphonies (scolding). I realized that LOVE is not giving money or assets or fortune, but it is caring for an individual still he sacrifices his own life for the sake of you. I thought dad had a heart of stone but he is beyond it. He cared for me even when I disappointed him. I told the cops about my father’s face, his characteristics and his work place with veracity. Few zephyrs flew towards me; the sun was radiant and shining with high intensity while the rays came towards me and made me remember about my childhood days with him. In a sunny morning, when I was wounded while playing; dad would sit beside me and tell me that when anybody cries the ghosts would come and hurt them. By listening this, I used to calm down and give up crying on the torment. But, at this moment; I realized that I tormented his heart and if he dies then I will be the only reason to that. I realized my bond with my father, his wounded soul needed assistance and help; so I calmed a little bit and thought on top of my head, I thought about the dream of yesterday. My instincts told me to delve into it. Instinctively, I followed my instincts and went to the park which is on a narrow muddy street with depressions and irregularities provided with pathogens. I observed very few people frequently visiting the park. I only saw three couples and four septuagenarians in the park at the evening. Precisely, with my explicit knowledge and the valor to find my father; I started my investigation. I read numerous books about physics, psychology, biology and many novels, in fact I was becoming filmy (really emotional). Mr. Varun Patel was the only hope for my father. I recognized the bench on which I placed my 54-kilo body recklessly. I sat on the bench and closed my eyes for a few moments. I recollected the dream which created an anomalous situation with a disheveled appearance and happened to be a big twist in my life. When I was recollecting I was not sure if this is the correct reason for the disappearance of my father. Then I saw my name encrypted with black marker on the steel bench which made me sure that somebody was playing with my life and my only dearest bond relation (father). As it was Tuesday, I waited still midnight behind the sharp poky green bushes. The guards checked the park and confirmed it was empty. And there he was the thug whom I saw that night. As it was dark, I could not see his face but as I saw his face my face became terrified with shocked facial expressions. It was my replica or my clone, he looked just like me but he had a good muscular body which made him look like two Salman Khans mixed in one. Then I saw my father locked in a room near the children’s slide. I saw many teenagers coming there and giving him bundles of money; and envelopes of the question papers. I was really amused to see a replica of me. I was chanting some mantras to overcome fear but some sort of feeling boosted my confidence levels efficiently. I think it is the feeling of LOVE towards my Dad. I climbed the wall and jumped to the ground to enter the park. The smell of dry leaves and dull fragrance flowers hovered in the air and also accomplished their task on making me feel afraid. I wore a black mask and crossed the people to reach the room on other side of the park. I saw Dad and tears lingered with happiness filled with some guilt. An ocean of tears came out with huge velocity like bullets fired in an AK-47 gun. I took my father and escaped from that place safely. My father could not talk as he was tired and hardly have I seen any skin on his body as he was bleeding completely. I reached the hospital quickly and made a huge shout like a starving lion in search of the doctors. The doctors rushed towards us and moved my father to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). That night was one of the most terrible nightmares because he was the only person I cared most in this world. I went to the temple and prayed like a Hindu (I was), went to the mosque and prayed like a Muslim and went to the Gurudwar and prayed like a Sikh. I was terrified of seeing the difficulties without Dad and remembered Mom. After waiting for 5 hours the doctor informed me that Dad is in a Lock-syndrome coma. I was shocked and puzzled.

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘This is a rare neurological condition. The person is totally paralyzed except for the eye muscles, but remains cautious and alert with a normal mind.’

‘Oh! Doctor,’ I cried in terror and doctor left me alone unnoticed.

 I went into the room to see Dad and saw him crying as tears were drooping down from his eyelids. Then I went near him.

‘I am sorry Dad. I am really an idiot and have always disappointed you. I do not deserve to stand up and  ...’

‘Err.rrr.r’ mumbled Dad putting all his effort to talk but was not able to talk.

‘What is it? What is the matter? What is wrong with you?’

He mumbled yet again. I was perplexed because I observed a guilty, innocent type of look instead of an angry look. I was in a hurry to the pharmacy shop near the hospital as it was going to close. Then I gave the doctor’s prescription to the chemist. The chemist covered his face with a shabby yellow –blue scarf embellished with some dots.

‘Varun, Is daddy fine?’ he said in a husky voice. It seemed exactly like a poltergeist’s voice.

‘Who the heck are you? What do you want?’

‘Oh, glad that you asked it. YOU!!!’

‘Whattt!’ I said in a puzzled voice not exactly knowing what to do. Then, I calmed down for a while and asked him the reason for it with my utmost courage with a silly expression like a monkey feeling himself similar to the lion.

‘Varun, Please give me my papers or else I will execute you soon’ he said and took out his scarf. He had an ugly face with black patches and ruthless pimples surrounding like numbers around in a clock. I yelled violently without any particular restriction to the frequency and he began to stay calmly stable in his place. All gathered and gave them a preview of this whole story. They heard it and said only one phrase,

‘Pretentious Nonsense’ which made my heartbeat faster and anger look stronger. He talked to me about something which I had no clue about. I was thinking if he is a memory patient who cannot even control his right brain. I thought situation will ameliorate by itself but then he gave me a shock that I stole some important documents from the park which hold the secret to the missing 3000 year Buddha idol. My electrifying expression built bridges constructed with numb terror and chicken-heartedness. Cowardice became my new companion at that moment thinking about the distant consequences.


‘What do you men by that? Didn’t you steal it? Are you not Varun? Tell me your blood group?’

‘Yes, I am Varun but why are you asking my blood group? Is it needed to confirm my identity?’ I questioned.

‘No…’ he said calmly but there was some sort of unknown and paranoia-type of expression from him which actually gave me jitters.

‘Okay, please tell me some more information about this 3000 year idol because I wish to know about it.’

‘Damn it, I am not going to tell a single letter from my mouth to idiots like you. If you wish to dare to steal the property of god then for your kind information, I am informing you that dare even to bear the punishments and the utmost intensified, horrifying consequences. I saw with my own damn eyes of you stealing it. So, don’t intend to lie about it’

‘Me? Lying? Who the heck are you man? And ….’ I stopped my conservation and fuddled in the thought of imagination. As I began to wonder I remembered seeing my replica in that park and continued to converse with him.

‘Did you see only his face or did you remember any other part of body?’ he egan to think for a few micro seconds and let out his thoughts.

‘What do you mean by “his”? It was you.’

‘I think you are mistaken because I had a replica that I saw in the park.’

‘Are you kidding me? I saw you and you had a muscular skull tattoo on your armpit. Now hand over the idol or you are finished.’ he ordered like a thug or goon.

I showed him my armpit and it was then he gave me an alibi and vanished from that place. I did try to stop him but he ran away with an unusual expression. Then I heard sudden breaking news that 3000 year old Buddha idol which was stolen and missing for five years was found in the park but was again stolen by some criminals. Police and the cabinet found a video tape attached alongside the street and addressed the citizens that they would identify the criminal’s face by tomorrow’s morning. Then, I was shocked and rushed to the police station to give them the preview of the whole situation about my clone. Then he sarcastically laughed and ridiculed me with the silliest jokes he knew showing symbol of recreancy.

I rushed to many police stations with velocity at its uppermost level. At that fine moment I was feeling as I was Usain Bolt running at the Olympics Athletic race. Many anomalous situations with disheveled appearances struck towards my way and my mind told me to face them with true courage and valor. Fate can plan and make a person fall into the deepest pit of fears and can also purchase a nylon rope when the respective person learns the beauty of life from heart. Life depends on the way we rely on it and not on the way of checking your bank balance or the currency you have. Life is surely full of twists but they make us to build our own character and collaborate with other individuals in a child friendly manner. Things may change; People may change but what about Love? It does not change but hides in deepest pits of the soil, deepest part of water and flies the farthest way where one would imagine. I was in my deepest fear at that moment because I am replica of him (thief) if the police officers find my picture in the video, they sure make me the accused of the robbery and I would spend at least 20 years in the prison. I thought about Dad and rushed towards the hospital. I emotionally looked at him diaphanously for a few moments and went near him.

‘Dad, I always made you disappointed in this long struggle of life. I do not want you to get more injuries both mentally and physically. But this is a universal truth Dad that “I love you than whom ever in this world”. Love can never be replaced Dad especially yours which was unconditional and incalculable. Sooo…’ I stammered as I let out some water droplets vigorously from my diminutive eyes. Dad also let out some droplets and I hugged him with my hands tightly and never wanted him to unlock from my hands. He pointed out a little crinky notebook beside him with crystal white colored pages which intended me to write on it. I took out a small crimson-red ball point pen from the holder. He was thinking to talk to me and so I wrote all the alphabets on the paper and told him to close his eyes for the letter he chose to write down. After few dazzling moments of homework, I got a small message-“RHNULL-100”.I was puzzled by this message and asked him what it was. He was going to answer it but docs gave him a sleeping pill. I was eagerly suspicious of what the letters decoded into. I was whole night in front of the old rusted radio listening to the latest updates of the breaking news. Listening to the radio, fluctuations took place in my blood-pressure. No pill could cure me from this disaster and there was no damn place where happiness could enter. I was scared of seeing this peculiar scenario in my mind. Wondering what to do I phoned Raman and said him the whole story. He thought it in the first instance as a joke but as I became ominous in the description of it, he truly believed me and told me that he would take care of Dad for me. Friendship is not a thing, it is not a gift, it is not life but it is more than these. It is a thing which makes us rid of depression and compels us to stay with happiness. It cannot be interpreted in words but it can be interpreted through heart. He is the one worth of 100 treasures and holds a key to 100 treasures of happiness. Do not under estimate friendship. It can be sharper than razor, brighter than sun and powerful than the creator. When he said these words, I wanted to thank him whole heartedly using different metaphors and similes. His words made me feel comfortable about Dad. I was also worried about the SSC Board Exams which gave me jitters. Tension coiled around my body. I slithered from the place and went off a tangent for fresh air. I remembered every thing from me coming on this merciless world where every one is on his own and sweet moments with my dear ones. I took out a small mint flavored bubble gum from my right pocket and surrendered to the beauty of nature seeing the chirping of birds, swaying flowers and grotesquely weird looking owl staring at me like I have committed a murder. Then, I saw a Buddhist monk sitting on a bench wondering about something. I was going to chat for a while with this fellow and sat beside him.

‘Namaste, do you know English?’

‘Yes! I know that language.’

‘Sir, why have you come to India? I think you should be there at Tibet worshipping to the Buddha.’

‘Do you know about the missing 3000 years old idol?’

‘Yes sir. I heard it just a minute ago. ‘

‘It was stolen by an Indian out here. I heard many rumors about Mother India dwelling in the shelter of justice and equality but things have changed in the reality. North-western Himalayas teaches numerous lessons about correctitude. India is beautiful where cries are not heard, deaths of great soldiers are not identified, talent does not have place to fit in and economy crisis is common. Poverty obscures the path of happiness and corruption holding the world on tip of its finger’ he said sarcastically intending to insult India.

‘India is an abode of many beautiful things. There is a belief that Indians are not aware of the world and are useless. But it is absolutely wrong. You can say that Indians are boastful which is most selectively acceptable for me. What actually do you know about India? It is a world where everything goes in a curriculum or suitable process. Relationships are valuable, Money is negligible. It is a world where one man can cost his own life for his family leaving every thing. They think from heart spiritually. India is of course at its worst but there is a glimmer of hope in the big heart where lies the key to happiness. Hope can sometimes do wonders depending on the trust the person has on it. So, please do not insult India when you do not know the exact meaning of that. It is the only country which has not conquered any other province till now which stresses the point that India will be freed of poverty and other liabilities if the people change and think from their heart. And…’ I stopped my extemporaneous speech which became my strongest suit in teaching him a lesson. I do not know exactly what happened but my patriotism roared like a hungry lion which made me look terrifically handsome.

‘Bury the hatchet, son. Is India this great? I cannot believe this and really my sincere apologies for insulting your motherland. But can you tell why is robbery or theft happening frequently in this world including India in?’

‘Okay, let me give you my answer in the form of exemplification for your better understanding’ I said stammering a little bit and coughing. I started to converse with even more confident levels as it was an issue of India and this world. It went on something like this for which you have to read the next chapter.

Chapter 3: My Exemplification….

                    “After a long time, two best buddies decided to go off a tangent. They were actually talking about Money. One person was known as Ravi and other person as Bharath. I am saying this story in terms of Bharath. As they were walking on the road, they saw an expensive; resplendent chain which was unique and elegant of all. Ravi was upset at the sight of necklace. He was actually in thoughts imagining the necklace in his girl friend’s flexible neck. They went on overcoming these obstacles and saw a rich man giving bundles of cash to another individual for buying the most anticipated model-Mercedes. Seeing this, jealousy conquered the time and Ravi’s eyes were not moving away seeing the car. Then, Ravi cursed the owner abusively to die in a car accident and went on. Meanwhile, they chatted on walking.

‘There are many millionaires in our Mother India who lead an elated and sumptuous life. But why can’t we?’ he questioned with an annoying sound due to disturbance in his vocal cords.

‘I totally agree with you. But do you know how to become a millionaire in just 1 day?’

He paid undivided attention to Bharath’s words and darted some questions like launching missiles.

‘How is it really possible? Are you going to devise a plan to steal 100 crores from? ‘he said sarcastically in a humorous way.

‘Funny, isn’t it? I am really going to do it. Will you join me? We will be rich quiet soon if we do this unscrupulous work?’ Bharath said surly inviting the sins to coil around him in which his friend would share his part.

‘Okay, I think I can actually do this pretty good and our future will be settled. We are not doing a bad thing, we will pay for it if we success in the business.’ Ravi said in a husky tune as he took out a handkerchief embellished with hearts to wipe his sweaty face. They were totally absorbed in the plan. As they were both walking with long strides along the narrow muddy road provided with pathogens and microbes. Ravi’s and Bharath’s instincts led him to turn backwards simultaneously with pace up and down. But for their surprise, they saw a lustrous, gleaming white wallet along the road. Then, Bharath told Ravi to inform in the police station so it goes to its rightful owner. But Ravi refused it and exasperatedly stopped listening to Bharath.

‘Ravi, why to steal the wallet when stealing a bank tomorrow.’

‘Bharath, if it is not successful. What do we do then?’

Bharath tried to stop the temptation of Ravi but became futile in his attempt. Then, Ravi took the wallet and ran quickly. After a few minutes, a reporter came by that place and gave Bharath a few bucks. After getting the money, Bharath said that

‘This is the reason everyone cannot become a millionaire. It is the greed which takes a man’s heart away from hard work. Frankly, Greed is the first instance in not becoming a millionaire. Many politicians are becoming millionaires by using the greed of other person like I have shown you with my friend. There are number of temptations in this world. If we resist them with our true heart is not enough, but to make other individuals to resist it shows the beauty in the moral.’ The next fine day, Ravi talked to me with a guilty tune.

‘Oh! I was fooled buddy, there wasn’t real money. Such a bloody idiot I am.’

With my explicit knowledge I questioned ‘Shall we steal the bank tomorrow?’

‘Hard work is worth of 100 treasures of happiness than those filled with corruption and greed.’ he answered determinedly as a sigh of relief.”

Chapter 4: Equation gone wrong…

  After listening to my exemplification, he applauded and praised me. When I heard his sycophancy, my heart froze and I was proud of myself. I do not know any answer even if I know it, I stammer a little bit but when it comes to mother land; the lion inside me was out and shouted with frequency more than 20,000 decibels.

‘Amazing, Fascinating, Electrifying response, my son. I have never seen anybody dispute like this. I have learnt an interesting thing that every body has a thing hidden in their spiritual soul and hearts. Miracles can be done with ease with that element fragmented with benevolently amazing wizard phosphorescence worth of a good future. Then, I was melted down to ice by his flattery but my tomorrow kept on chasing me like Tom and Jerry. We kept on talking for a while when it was mid-night 12:00. The place filled with no luster created a small fear but talking to the Buddhist monk made me slightly better. But meanwhile I got another shock while talking to the Buddhist monk. If you intend to know it, turn the next page as it shows my chat with the monk.

‘Sir, May I know your name?’ I questioned with a melancholic but friendly tune.

‘My name is Suddhodana and may I know your pleased name?’ he sighed.

‘My name is Varun, sir. Did you come to India in search of that 3000 year Buddha idol?’

‘Yes. We complained to the Indian Government about it. They seem to be notorious about the matter first but eventually the criminal getting taped was fortunate for us. They kept a private investigator most probably a detective for the illegal papers mafia but he found out this matter. Five years! And finally god blessed us to show his presence. By the way, I am one of the saint philosophers of Tibet most particularly a disciple of Master Zen. He is here in regard of this statue.’

‘Oh! I get it’ I said in a nonchalant voice showing disinterest in talking.

He reminded me of tomorrow. It whittled the chat slowly and an eerie silence broke out quite soon. There were voices in my heads about it. I couldn’t do any thing as I was left clueless to unveil the damn truth to the cops and the Buddhist monks. I was very angry on that bastard who made me an idiot while he escapes with that idol. I cursed him with the worst deaths because he was the turning point to my life. He made it a living hell and I even thought of committing a suicide but my Dad’s love towards him killed it. This displays that love of parents can rescue their children even if their not around them. It lies in the hearts of them and it is the responsibility of everybody to treat their parents till death. Parents have overcome with umpteen no. of liabilities in their lives. Wondering about all this, I came into reality when the dangling bulb on a nylon wire blasted creating a small sound. It blazoned our eyes with darkness accompanied with some freaking frantic sounds. The small burst created elements of ghosts surrounding us both; you know you watch them frequently in horror movies. The Buddhist monk Suddhodana did a yell after the blast. I asked if he was fine but he remained silent without giving me the answer. When I thought of going forward, I saw something distracting my foot paths and it was the monk who fell unconsciously. I took him to the nearby hospital where Dad admitted. Briefly visible at the night, he whimpered for a while and became calm. Doctors said that he was fear of darkness-achluphobia. I begin to respite for a while to talk to god about my pains and multitudinous twists changing my future. Frankly, it was a well-written letter expressing my sorrows which were actually borrowed in my last human form and didn’t leave me like a patient surrounds a doctor to reduce the fee. It went like this:

“Many tell me that I am a very good boy. This is for all the Gods who do not have thousand eyes. (Because some say that Lord Vishnu has 1000 eyes and he keeps watching us. I do get a canning on regular intervals by my father. If he see’s that he rejects my wish and it goes directly in the trash can as in an e-mail account.) Please do not give me the strength to carry the responsibilities and difficulties because I become easily tired if I carry heavy weights. Please show me a way to escape from these pains which cannot be cured by anti-septic ointments. Please make me a bluffer so that I will not work much. Please reduce this pain’s pungent because it is too stinky to smell. Please do not make me have any cynicism because I am nonchalant in self-interest. Adamantly, Is your health nice? I think there is no pollution, corruption in the paradise. Please sprinkle pepper, sauce (adequately more cheese) and gharam masala in my pizza. I am chatting like this to test your knowledge and wisdom. I want to buy some items which are too cheap, but I assure you that I will give 10 paise for it. I am not greedy because I will pay my loan when I come to paradise or else …. (This line surely depicts that he should send me to paradise for sure or else his loan will be vanished.) Okay, let us continue with the flow. I want these cheap items for the sake of you specifically:

(1)  Lamborghini Veneto Roadster- To go the temple quickly for your darshans and pujas

(2)  Empire State Building- To make your fame reach the farthest point of the blue plains of sky across great flanks of stupendous mountains, diminutive houses, profusely flowing waterfalls and the glory of the mighty sun

(3)  Ban on Schools- Children will chant patrons and mantras in their daily life. There should be only one test in a whole year. Because chanting mantras with stress will cause derogatory connotations between and bewitch the people with you.

(4)   Zero should be considered for measurements and other mathematical stuff. But it should not be in the sector of a student’s marks. Instead of it, 100 should be placed.

(5)  Most importantly, there should be no clones of any individual. If there, he should be killed in the worst way by walking 365 steps on boiling fire kept on 100 degree Celsius.


- Varun (Your favorite)…

[ LCDW ]


Beside Paradise,

Go via crossing hell and take a U turn,

____________ Letter End____________

I went to the ancient letter box as a mark of my last day for amusement. It was really fun and while I was wondering about something which I did not know about. Things were shifting to the same gradual place they used to be when my dexterous mind focused deeply on one thing by connecting the other thoughts linked to the thing it focused on as of like an equation.


      My clone stole the idol+ Video captured and I will be arrested, what should I do? I questioned myself.


      The Buddhist told that a detective is working on that case to recover the idol. At the shop, an anonymous questioned me and questioned whether I stole the statue or not. Then mathematically, we can write the solution for this equation as:

X= Case Detective= Anonymous=Chemist= Person who rescues me from imprisonment(x is an unknown)…

I was really amazed by my mind’s working system. I wanted to hug anybody tightly because it was my happiness which had no bounds as it was my instincts which yelled to feel free and shout at the top of my voice. There was a small provisional store beside the street. I went there quickly and gave the shopkeeper a few bucks so as to take a cool drink. Took it successfully and was singing songs on the street, my body became active like an engine. It was then when I saw her; she was really beautiful with curly hair and was natural. I felt that if she was in Early Greek period, she would compulsorily beat Aphrodite-Goddess of Love in terms of beauty and heart. My hart became to pump faster more than it should be. I was really gone and my heart started dancing making MJ steps accompanied with loud music as in films. As I went near her, she saw me and gave a slap by which I came out from the dreams of beauty.

‘Aahh!!’ I shouted with desperation and with the intensified pain which broke my heart.

‘When will you stop this nonsense of drinking? What work do you have? Just go to mother or father and ask them money so as to roam like a drunkard on the bloody street singing shameless songs. Your mother is really a ditch because she gave birth to you. Your father is a da…’ And I stopped her to give a tight slap on the right side of her cheek because she told badly about my family.

‘Don’t you know the damn difference between a cool drink and alcohol, you ditch. One more thing about my family, you are finished. I did many murders for the last 4 years and if you want to meet God, then your wish can be fulfilled by me. Don’t you know... .’ I was going on flow saying unbelievable lies about myself and then she cried giving me a warning running to the other side of the street.

‘I will see your end soon. My father will terminate you.’ she said with a husky voice.

‘OK, Let us see.’ I said and continued to walk. Then something grabbed my attention as I was walking. It was the T.V which had my photos in it. I was shocked by seeing it. Slowly, I took a spotless white scarf so as to cover my face so as that anybody cannot identify it. I saw it had a small gold chain but as I didn’t have time, slowly kept it in my pocket so as to rush towards the hospital. I went into the room and all the nurses, staff were terrified seeing me. I thought that my calculation went wrong again. I closed the door and said last bye to my father. I also lingered few drops because I was really had a nervous feeling. Fear would be a more accurate description to it. An eerie silence broke out for a few moments. Then heard knocks of door and opened it, to my amazement I saw “POLICE”…

Chapter 5: ‘X’ changed to ‘y’ meaning death....

I was really terrified by seeing them and got a feeling to die due to the fear of death. I cried like a baby who was just born because I was only in 10 class and one night made me face terrible hurdles which actually made my entire biological, neurological, nervous, digestive and bloody system go to hell(as I was in numb terror). The cops saw me and gave me a call by using criminal type of language. Isn’t this horrible? An individual feels insulted when he is punished when he did not commit the error. I thought to myself to really kill that guy when I was out. My anger was like piercing flames and my mind could not handle the frustration. My heart was filled with vain as I could not resist the pain. In the July monsoons, I thought my month would be good but my expectations turned out to be completely wrong. My equations were wrong. The cops handled me a bit smooth as I was just a kid. I went to the van with them and saw many reporters gathered there like friends fighting for the last pizza piece. My photo was everywhere spread in the public faster than the diffusion of gases I guess. I was all there on my own in that situation. I saw my friends and gave them a smile and gestured to take care of my father. They gave me a good and saddest smile as tears were lingering like ocean from their eyes. Gaurav handled all of my friends. I went bravely to the jail at a very distant place. The police men locked me in a room where it was all dark with no luster. The room was a translucent cover as it did not gave the mercy to allow light. I was crying and only crying because I could not do any other thing. Then, some of the officers came near by me. I was shocked and terrified in the doom of fear as my body exuded in deep perspiration. In the very near future, I imagined myself to be beaten severely by the police force. But as I was small, they asked me the following questions for which I had no answer even if I thought them at the top of my head.

‘Where did you keep the statue?’

‘Sir, I cross my heart, I do not know even a single word about that statue’

‘We got the information that it is you who was captured in the camera holding the idol. What bloody explanation will you give for that one?’

‘There is a clone that is just like me and he is the culprit. Please believe me!’

‘Officers, Is there any story writing competition near by? Our Mr. Thief wants to register his name.’ he talked sarcastically commenting me and showing me the face of Krueger, the evil villain. His face can be so descriptive because he had a spiny beard, moustache, his hands were full of religious bands, dark-colored eyes and fat nose was actually hilarious. The feature most descriptive as it was like a tanker where one could store the Pacific Ocean and there would be plenty of space still available symbolizing how stupendous it was in its size. It crossed the size of the measurement ‘size’. Then, another officer came by and I was shocked but happy because he was my ‘x’ as solved in the equation. Then, I rushed towards him and spoke to him using my full energy effaciously giving appropriate situational face expressions.

‘Sir, do you remember me? I am clone, shop, tattoo, you. chemist…’ I spoke to him quickly making him remember of the entire scenario which took place at that night. I thought that you will tell the truth. But time is not over, you can tell the truth even now. C’mon, please reveal the truth.’ I spoke to him with my heart.

‘Why the heck do I know you? I do not know you but I know you are the culprit of the case. Tell the truth or else....’

‘What the heck are you talking? You shameless mog, blithering idiot and unrespectable rascal, I do not know what corrupted you and who corrupted you but if you betray me now, hen in the near future the consequences will worsen. Just think with heart! My mother was dead when I was in my tender age but my father is still alive because he has a responsibility that is me who he has to fulfill. I made him disappointed and sad every time when I promised him but ..’ I said in desperation by which the other police officials were irritated.

‘You are the one who stole the 3000 year old Buddha statue and blaming the entire police.’

‘Not the entire police but you! This is a warning; reveal the truth or else you will be damned.’

‘You! Rascal…’ he said (chemist) and gave me a blow by which my mouth and ear started bleeding profusely like the river in India. Then, I felt unconscious and when I opened my eyes I saw many other people who encircled me and staring like idiots who chain snatch women with concentration and focus. Then, I suddenly at one moment felt that it was a dream but it was reality. Then, all the prisoners around me started asking me many questions about my presence in jail and all that stuff.

‘Where did you come from? Why are you here and why did the police officials beat you like a dog? Tell us your story.’asked a prisoner who was actually good-looking and made me remember of Gaurav and all the other pals.

‘I am from Mumbai and am the son of a middle-class family. I am small than you all because I am in 10 class…’ I told them my story and betrayal of police.

‘Saddening, disappointing and really amazing. I am really sorry because your life had many twists in one night. I am also from 10th class and recently joined this imprisonment. Wait a minute! My name is Abhignu and what’s your name?’ he questioned me in a melancholic voice. ‘My name is Varun.’ I answered in a benevolent tone.

‘Ooh, I remember you. I saw you on the television because you were the center of attraction in the youth these days. You slapped a politician and became a hero.’ I said praising him like I praised my father when I committed any mischief.

‘Oh, just stop it. Didn’t you get any pain when the cops bet you, I was amazed because you didn’t even speak out a voice or did not even yell.’

‘Strange, no I think I felt the pain.’ I said holding my injury. I didn’t remember anybody beating me and I did not even feel the pain. It was surely strange but I continued with the flow. We chatted for a long time and it made me remember of my father, friends and not to say but I also felt that I had an attachment with the beautiful but bad-tempered girl. Then, I heard that I will have a session of canning every day by which I became extremely terrified. I sat in the prison room undisturbed when my mind went on a journey but heart stayed with me and wanted to communicate something.

 He was going to introduce me all his gregarious friends but I asked him a bit of time so that I can respite and cure my inner mind, heart with some good memories I got. My inner mind attacked me with headache which had the feeling of Satan beating my head with 1000 hammers. I took a deep breath but truly did not close my eyes because then I would become the best friend of my best hobby: Sleeping. Then, I took an irregular shaped chalk with disgusting  smell so as to use it for writing and making myself and second self of me clear so as to take hold of the present scenario. I wrote something on the dirty grey-colored cemented wall which had the terrible smell of Hydrogen-Sulphide (rotten eggs). It went like this:

Twist’s list:

 I wrote my twists and turns in life which took place in one night. But then, my 1000 IQ mind got a question which proved to be really useful. Who are the goons? Why did they come near us when we had no valuable assets? Why did they take Dad because according to kidnapology, a child must be taken but not a father? Why did they beat Dad severely making him wounded? They mutilated my heart and took everything from me. They took LOVE and made my family tear apart. When I was thinking about all this stuff, a small breeze blew towards me and I saw that the ants were in a muddle. They were disorganized and moving out of the jail room and were giving roam for my bad-luck. Silence annexed the place and my heart did a somersault as I heard somebody’s footsteps. I was tangled on what to do at that time. Then, my hell-time started as I began praying of no other twists in my lonely life. But what to do? The Lord Vishnu was sleeping and my prayer was rejected. I tried Allah but he was busy in other human-projects. I tried Guru-Nanak and he advised me to solve my problems on my own. Lastly, I saw Jehovah/Jesus and offered my prayer but he was busy in talking with other gods and my prayer got dismissed. Then, I heard a villain-type voice and furiously waited to see the physical character. Then, I saw him and I was shocked seeing the same fellow not my clone but the thug who killed the new guard at the park. My head could see me at the Gates of Paradise. I also could not handle 5 things at that time because they told me to go and give a terrible shot on his bloody damn face:

                      Then, my life’s biggest twist was unrevealed and it was that time when I got sick of life because all these homosapiens are just filled with greed and corruption. I cursed this bloody world which gave me nothing. Friends! Life is like a closed hand, it is good if it is closed. If we open it, there is nothing. It is good to be closed because there is no thrill in getting everything, if we get everything we want what should we wait for? Life has many theories according to anthropology mixed with some biology but with my explicit knowledge I can assure you that there is somewhere in life where one has his some -thing called DESTINY. It waits for us and we have to be sure so as to take the fullest of the opportunity. Then, my talk with the villain began like this. I was aware of the fact that ‘ladies are first’ and so gave him the opportunity to talk. It somehow went like this:

‘Mr.Varun Patel, please be seated and talk to your villain.’ he started his miscreant-type behavior which was same as the ones villain do in Hindi movies.

‘I think I know you. You are the one who killed the new guard at the park and does all illegal works at the park. You are surely an animal and rapscallion. What the heck did my father do to you? You are the one who deserve to be in this bloody damn room, you bastard. Took away everything and now I am empty; and nobody can fill my jar. What do you know? What did we do? What the heck did my father do to you? What is the thing you want? Now, I want the damn answers to all these questions or else you…’ I was in middle of my conversation and my above mentioned things were not in control as my anger came out as the lightning thunder. I went to give him a tight punch at his ribs and his face but became futile in both the attempts. Then, that goon’s assistant or fellow goons stopped me. The goons had sweaty faces as if they had done something good the whole day. Then, my villain spoke to me with laughter and in a devil-voice. That sarcastic attitude he showed towards me made my ego go nuts.

‘Do not get frustrated, Varun. I am the one who made you come here. The culprit of your story is me. I will give all the answers. I was the one who kept the threatening letter and kidnapped your father because it was your blood which made me do so. Your blood group is Rh-null which is the most precious blood on the earth. My boss needs it because he had a deal with somebody on giving this precious blood. This is smuggling of blood. You are the 100th who have this blood group as it is passing from generations. Now, my boss will extract blood from you whenever he needs blood. We cannot find where you are at all times so we thought to solve this problem when we saw your clone. My boss wanted the 3000year-old Buddha statue and gave the job to your clone and we made him get caught in the video tape intentionally so as to get the valuable asset stolen and make you in place of him get caught. We bribed the police officer who knew the truth and also gave him many luxurious benefits along with medal of bravery from the Government. Your father is the 99th one and you are the 100th who has this rare phenomenon blood group. So, you are born unlucky having a rare blood group but you are lucky because you are giving the blood to our boss. Most importantly, we made you believe that everything was a dream but you are a little intelligent. Heee…’ he laughed and I was left undisturbed as my twist was so terrible. I did not know that life of mine could be a movie-thriller. Then, I understood one thing clearly why father didn’t allow me to games every day because then I would get injured which automatically results in loss of blood. So, as to keep the blood-group a secret, he donated me his blood and at this moment I understood what I meant for my father. At that moment, I fixed one thing clearly in mind to change the X (police officer or chemist) to Y meaning death by whom I came to this sucking place……!!!

Chapter 6: Lasting Hope Lost…Anti-love software needed…

      Abhignu called me and introduced some friends in the jail of the same age group. I had jitters when I saw criminals who have committed murders. I thought to convince my fear to let it rest in my heart but it did not give its assent. Seeing those criminals and offenders, my heart could not resist the strange feeling and so I also made a small yell making my fear come out to its fullest. All saw me strangely with faces like big goons and also there were same faces which were as humorous as Charlie Chaplin. I made a special bond with Abhignu through friendship and made him my only family member in jail. Firstly, he introduced me some of his friends who were also in that bloody jail due to many obstacles like betrayal, corruption, money etc. But my most attached friends in jail were:

Ø  Abhignu, my first pal who was in jail because of

Ø  The jail warden who was actually iced or amazed by listening to my twist’s list and made a bond with me as a friend.

Ø  Rahul, who was in jail because of his protest against the superstitions in his village and as he motivated his village, a saint who said he had come from Himalayas made them get deviated by which his village didn’t hold the patience to listen his words. In simple words, he was an agnostic-purely.

Ø  My last but not least friend, Abhinav was really handsome and well-proportioned man but he was also an introvert. He never told me about his reason for coming to jail but he told one thing that he protested against a goon with political support who killed his father.

                       Now those are my pals who were really trustable and made me feel good every time I made my eyes and heart wet. Life is doing its best in covering my destiny but I will surely put my efforts in achieving it with pure heart. Nothing is impossible of trying and achieving the best unless we sit out there with no mark of hope in the inner heart of one true individual. Impossible means lack of love, lack of interest and lack of effort. Shah Rukh Khan said the right thing: Never underestimate the power of a common man.

                               In introducing and knowing one and another, it became night and I had my stomach making terrible friends as one individual does if he has a gastric problem. Then, my name was called and I came out from the jail. I took my seat in the old-model van which made me remember of the hot-top latest car models. Then, I came to some place in the city and there was a conference with light dominating the entire stupendous place. Then, I saw all the cops talking to each other and there were many other higher officials. Then, I was called upon the stage and there was a black scarf-like thing which covered my entire face except for my eyes by which I was able to see everything. There were hand-cuffs on my delicate hands and my name was everywhere in the damn society. I was very determined in working hard and see myself in the T.V but did not expect it to be in a situation like this. Then, I was shocked when all the people mostly Buddhists insulted me by throwing sucking pungent tomatoes and eggs. I was crying and could not hold myself, and cursed God in the worst way as well as the persons responsible for making my life a living hell. For the first time, I could not hold my body and fell unconsciously on the dry grass. I felt unconsciously from heart but not in the physical means. I fell on the ground and my legs could not bear the insult and so took help from my body to fall down so as to cover the legs. Tears lingered and I fought belligerently within deep inside my space in heart. I got many fans but instead of taking a selfie or rather asking for an autograph, they asked me the reason of the robbery (media reporters). All members most particularly cursed me in the worst way and at that time I lost all of what is known as ‘Self-Respect’. My worst days were yet to begin. Oh! I am sorry, they had already begun. My experience at that moment was really dreadful and not different I felt like as to die at that time. Life is so sweet in one’s life but at the same time sour in other’s life. I actually gave up on myself and this damn world.

                          What the heck is this feeling? I lost everything even my hope which was my only weapon which helped in fighting the battle of life. My last weapon did not last and I sacrificed it to the Lord in the name of father. My lovely parents were alive as the candle in my heart making me feel a bit better. Curse that clone fellow, my villain and Y! Then, I saw loneliness detected in my heart but who was there at that time to give my system an anti-love software. To my amusement, I saw Suddhodana with other saints along with his master Zen. They wore dresses like the film-saint style which were pure orange in color. I was thankful of the cops for keeping a mask or covering on my face because if Suddhodana saw my face I am sure that he will insult me as well as my motherland. He will lose all the trust on what India is. My heart skipped many beats when I passed through those Tibet saints. Then, there was a big meeting which lasted for a couple of hours with me as the centre of attraction. Everything seemed to be normal for me even when they insulted because I became habituated of facing such-type of situations. Then, I slowly went inside the van left undisturbed and the cops also went inside the van when some saints came and requested the cops to show my face. There was Suddhodana among them and I hesitated many times when the cops tried taking my mask off. Their tries became futile and so gave up on trying to remove the scarf or mask. Soon, the van started and the desire of saints was not fulfilled. I think Lord Indra did not support me and so, he made wind blow towards me by which my face was completely visible to all those saints. I immediately took the scarf and covered my face but time did not permit to do so. Suddhodana called my name loudly and fell unconsciously on the ground. Then, I had a feeling if pity on not him but myself because there was nothing I could do at that scenario. Fate is a trickster card, my friend, please be aware of its plans by trying to make use of it. Life is what you make out of it! I personally needed anti-love software to detect the virus and kill it in the worst way than ever imagined. I was no mood to do anything as my body rested recklessly on the red-car seat. The seat was uncomfortable but sleep dominated me. The battle between normal force and gravity was really terrific because my body moved up and down simultaneously for every minute. But at last, both ended rivalry and created a feeling of brotherhood (equilibrium state). My sleeping has big history wheel behind it. There are epic-battles going behind my sleep. See how historic sleep is and how waste is Varun who could not take care of his father, at the same time most importantly lost his lasting hope to find his destiny…

Chapter 7: Insensitivity to pain, but what about inner sensitivity?-Biggest turn…

                 After 2 ½ hours of my sorrowful journey from World of Insult, I finally reached the World of Betrayal (I kept it because of the betrayal done to me by Y). I went inside my jail-room and wanted to talk to anybody so as to share my inner feelings. I saw Abhignu still awake and called him without knowing to the jail-warden. Then, he came near me and asked me what the matter was. I said him that I need company to open up my heart. He was a good pal and so he agreed to do so. Abhignu had a habit of doing prayer in the night at correct 12:00 p.m. I had a conversation with him which made me feel better:

‘I can understand your feelings and emotions, Varun. I saw everything on the news on how they insulted you. I am really sorry but do not get disappointed, there is god for everything and I am sure that one fine day a voice will come to rescue you.’ he said eloquently understanding the flow of emotions on my face.

‘Thanks pal. You are the only one who at least cares for me at this stage of my life.’ I said emotionally by which my reservoir could not bear much water and released it. My eyes did not stop flowing but at some moment I determined to keep a comma for it but not a full stop because for my emotion I needed eye-drops so as to make the other person believe my INTENSIFIED pain.

‘No worry, my friend. Even I do not have anybody here except my mother who is facing numerous hurdles out there but I am irresponsible as well as unresponsive to her pains. I pray every night so as to make myself feel better. My father after facing many financial hurdles committed a suicide by which we gave away everything and now presently my mother is working as a teacher with minor salary making the wheel of life cross the line of hurdles by which we will attain victory which is our family’s destiny. It may look some strange but the slang of life is meticulous which is a pack of felicities as well as adversities.’

‘No, I am not feeling anything strange because after my experiences in life I can understand your feelings. But why did you slap the damn politician guy?’ I asked Abhignu for time’s sake.

‘Oh! the politician? I bet him so as to make him remember of the responsibility towards the multitude, make him remember of the promise he made, making him remember of the anger of a single citizen, making him remember of the responsibility towards the hungry stomachs, making him remember the responsibility which he promised to do sincerely with true heart and making him remember of the responsibility towards our India. In simple words, I was frustrated about my family and most importantly India.’ he said with patriotism’s fame diffusing great distances in the atmosphere and sharing his commiseration. His frustration about India made me remember of Suddhodana.

‘What a response! Do you want to become a politician in the near future?’ I asked him with a an excited face

‘Wait a minute! I want to become a SINCERE politician not a corrupted one. There are various varieties in it as there are cooking varieties in a wedding of a corrupted politician’s house.’ He said sarcastically laughing at India’s present political system.

‘Okay, just let us leave that matter because I am sure that when you come to power there will be a stupendofabulous change in politics.’ I said making the firewood burn smoothly in his heart and reducing his desperation.

‘What do you want to achieve in life?’

‘Nothing much but to take care of my father because he is there in the hospital and my friends are taking care of that pity heart. I did not fulfill my responsibility as a sincere son because my position is taken by my friends. It is my gift that I got friends who are the ones who fight for me even when millions are against me. I am not intending to lead my life in this sucking jail. But Abhi, I think there is something destined for everybody in life. Don’t you think there is something?’

‘There is if fate permits to do so. Fate is not written by Brahma or not the actions of our past sins. But it is the result of our past actions. Life is interesting if fate permits and at the same time disgusting if it fails to give the permission. But, just keep this Destiny matter aside and let’s think about Abhinav. Why do you think he does not talk much with anybody but helps everybody in good means? I think you get that?’

‘Yup, even I do not know about him. He is a good fellow but has some confusion which needs a conclusion in the huge depths of his heart. What do you really think about him?’

 ‘I think he thinks you as his best friend because when you asked the reason of his arrival of jail, he gave you a partial answer. I think after listening to your twisting-adventurous story he gave that answer.’

‘He helped me every time today but did not put the efforts to open up his vocal cords and talk with me. I think all of you really liked my life story but do not even get a thought to get that terrible experience because experience is what I have gained from it.’

‘Did your life really have that many turns? Because it is really unbelievable, buddy.’

‘I was really thinking forward of this question because when I described my story to myself even I did not gain a strong sense of belief. But the answer to your question is a 101% “Yes”. I have really gone through many things in life.’

‘It is night 1:30 p.m. I guess it is our time to sleep because I am not an insomniac so go to sleep Mr. Destiny. It is good time talking to you but you really made me remember of my entire family. Now, I have another name in my family book: Varun Patel.’

‘Thanks pal, for making me feel better. I am actually opposite to an insomniac too. So, let us go to sleep. By the way, do you know that....’ when I was talking I observed that he was possessed by the tonic called sleep and left him undisturbed. I was also expecting to go to sleep when I heard some sounds of somebody coming towards me. As sleep was dominating control over my body, I slept peacefully without any disturbance except for the stupidity of mosquitoes that fought recklessly for my blood. As my blood was special, I think they were pleased over the new variety in their buffet. They actively took part in the campaign of gustation of my blood. Haggardness troubled me for a few mucky second because the situation made me feel that way. That is life! The one thing which makes us go sad and mad makes others go happy and mad. Much of a muchness, this situation is experienced in many other Varuns in their previous generations of birth.  The owls strangely stared me when my eyes were partially open and the frogs were putting their honest efforts. Going with time, I found my sleep strangely peaceful irrespective of the disturbances. I slept at sharp 1:45p.m.

In the next 6 hours and 15 minutes, something happened. Want to know what it is? For that you have to read the next line!

After few micro-seconds covered after 8:00pm, I felt a bit dizzy and lazy to get up. I thought that if I get up, the one which was mine that is self-respect would go to the river of Ganges and commit suicide. But after reminiscing the painful treatment memory, I got up as a symbol of showing that I lost my bloody what is called “Self-Respect”. I was feeling too lonely and incomplete without my father but the fate goes on! I was happy to recollect the pestilent dream of me killing ‘Fate’ because of what my simple life which showed simplicity turned in order to show/express ‘complicacity’ (that it became too complicated). Then, I voluntarily was able to control my body movements because when I become lazy all parts of my organs to reduce my stress work on their own involuntarily in order to make me happy. Then, something attacked my brain which I assume as the brain greater than Albert Einstein. My focus mantra told by my lovely mother helped me to get full concentration on one particular thing. I was the one with the distracting mind who would deviate from anything when the other seems to be interesting. Even in schools, I would talk to Gaurav, Raman, etc because even though they distracted me from my study plan, they gave me a type of friendship whose aim was not to make it look great but to make it look convenient for me. For example, if I would study profusely everyday without letting anything come my way, who would take care of my father? Now because I made friends of great value I got the results of great value but not great marks. Marks are not at all important in true friendship because prating and getting along with the community also fetches a great price. The important thing is not what we gain from the damn society by making friends but they i.e. the friends help us to find our place in life even if theirs is lost in the desert. They are the ones who resist the rains filled with hurdles, deserts filled not with sand but with that of betrayal, crossing great mountains of odious pains in their inner heart and making even the inevitable natural calamities go away by just offering a prayer to God with purity of conduct and particularly that which is filled with true love in order to save especially you no matter if they give up their lives in this trial. I was really becoming a bit emotional because my mother and dearest friends projected a small film which when released in theatres would become a 100000 days hit. Childhood comes only once, just only once. Enjoy every moment of it by living lively at every moment! Friends and the young readers I please insist you to tear pages of your class work book and make colorful rockets which ignites joy as well as creativity accompanied by self-interest in what you are truly doing with your heart diligently kept on it. Please do not tell this to any type of environmentalists because they will slay me. For nature’s sake, please plant a tree if you do want my dream novel to be published. Ok, let us come to the story. 

                                                                  I heard irritating sounds which made my ear irritating whose pain made me irritating, my pain made my soul irritating, my soul’s pain frustrated my inner heart, my inner heart’s frustration had its influence on my hormones which sensed the irritation and made my 53-kilo body move voluntarily. This was actually Newton’s 4th law that one single bloody action could have loads of influence on the future bloody actions. He did not propose it because I would propose that law to you today in the form of this novel. I was happy for one thing that my weight decreased by 1-kg because it is what I have deserved to after all facing many turns in the phase of life. I was actually planning to become Salman-Khan. Not exactly like him, but to have body like him. I was very active with many thoughts which started to debate on whose was the best one. I was very confused of giving the final judgment but then remembered the Varun’s Law of self- behavioral proportions. It means: ‘Anything which has its origin from Varun’s media respective of his mind, physical means, mental means etc should be definitely true or else the respective individual will be executed.’  So, I gave the prizes to all the thoughts on respect of this law. I actually had a latest addition in this law: If the respective is found to have a clone, he should be tortured in the worst way than the labors done by Hercules. In simpler words, to understand this law, just believe that Varun is great. I cursed the clone and moved on to the next situation when I heard Abhignu calling my name loudly. I went running towards him with teeth which had the following characteristics if not brushed early in the daylight: untidy, yellow, shining, stinky, irregular, multifarious cavities etc can be used to help the description of my lovely teeth. When he called my name I felt a feeling of family-typeness which chased me to the unimaginable depths of my heart. I needed someone to hold my emotion and it showed up when I saw my friends at the steep end of the floor. I wanted to go near them but was blocked by the thick cement floor which had its age around the age of China wall constructed by Terracota soldiers but here constructed by some corrupted builders who used cheap stuff. It had a grill on it and had my friends on the other side. The separation between my friends for these many days was very horrible and so, I had happy tears coming out from my innocent eyes for an evanescent amount of time. I rushed towards them ignoring Abhignu with maximum velocity because it had displacement in it which means that I would be in less time towards my friends. See, how dexterous my mind is! It can calculate huge calculations even at the time of mind stroking dilemmas. I was going towards them when the guard whose name was Hrithik Singh stopped me with a slightly flushed and irritated face where his anger was dominating control over him than the anger must have had it on him. His body was descriptive because of his descriptive features. How funny! He had a stomach which did belly-dance for every minute second. I doubt whether it was a punching bag or belly. All the real-big prisoners called him “Mr. Infinite calorie”. I made many trials so as to enter the other side but became futile in them because Hrithik stopped me so. I blamed Hrithik and most particularly important-junk food for my unsuccessful trials because it was the reason I could not enter the other side. The reason is due to junk food Hrithik became fat by which he occupied the entire space to enter the other side as gases diffuse and spread in the atmosphere. Moreover, Hrithik did not make me satisfied by even doing a trial as his adipose-tissued body occupied the entire place. My cursing luck! I took another path, rushed towards my buddies and came to the cement wall with grills. I could see Gaurav, Raman etc. I extended my hand in order to taste the love of friendship and they also extended their hand but Gaurav stopped. I was confused but they went on walking further with tears drooping downwards which made me feel as I was drowning in the storm of fears. Then, I started crying but became happy after seeing my father coming well-dressed and giving me a ladoo-type smile which made me feel the tastiness of real ladoo. But, he went on with my friends by which I felt like I wanted to commit a suicide. Then, I saw Abhignu coming towards me and comforting me. I saw images of my imagination in the virtual reality of my eyes. In 6th class or I think probably 7th class, I read about mirages seen in desert. I happened to see images (mirages) of my dear ones which prove that loneliness is conquering me and making this jail equivalent to the mighty desert. I realized that no matter how far you go from your dear ones, the memories cannot be forgotten even if you try to forget them because they are not memories but lively moments of one individual. Just enjoy it and there is the thing what is known as FUN. Then, I heard my name been calling ample number of times and I went to the room where the jailers must assemble if their names are called. Abhignu comforted me and made me comfortable while Abhinav was staring at me like a lizard stares at its prey as a habit. My emotions were very expressive in the last few days because of my turns when I learnt another thing about me which alarmed my hormones to stress pain from my inner heart.  Are you eager to know about that turn? Then let us play a game. Let’s go in a systematic order:

  1. Go near a friend who lives beside your community. Please do not choose a softy but choose a person who can express his emotions in the worst way.
  2. Tell him: I am sorry.
  3. Make your strength come to your right hand, with full power and stamina, make your wrist chose the target and shoot the missile.
  4. Give him a tight punch as the Khans family beat their antagonists in their respective movies.
  5. Observe his reaction and give another punch before he could express any other emotions.
  6. For this game, you should forget two things: Reflexes and Running.
  7. Stand there at that place like an idol you see every day in temples. Do not bend but face the punch from him with your eyes closed.
  8. According to me, he would also give you a punch and after the punch, just run away from that place.
  9. If the punch makes you/him loose teeth or any other thing, it is stringent not to complain about it to your parents because it results my death.
  10. Now, just go to your room and feel the pain. Enjoy every moment of it.
  11. Go to a nearby provisional store and buy a good-soda and drink it. Return to your home and watch a good-film. Sleep in the worst way.

                                     This is the game you have to play in order to understand my inner emotion. Physical pain is so important in life because it begins as an origin for another sweet memory. They are the ones which shape our future as well as attitude. Can you forget the memory of mother beating you when you got a fat-zero in your test? Can you forget the memory of father scolding you in the worst way when you steal Rs-20 from his pocket in order to buy fast-food? Can you forget the memory of teacher beating you when you tried to copy in the test or when you did not do your mathematics? Can you forget the pain when you and your gang went for a fight with another class/school? Can you forget the memories in which your pain played an important role and helped to make your life successful in all the aspects? They cannot be forgotten ever because they dwell and share shelter with other feelings in your inner heart. As I told you, LOVE of a person cannot be changed even if it’s God’s will. It has the power of calling God upon the land, has the power of changing the world, has the power of motivating youth, and has the power of making determination stronger in every citizen or no matter how poor they are! It has the power of numerous things. But let me show you one thing that there is a difference in the types of love: Artificial and natural ones. For example, take a boy named Sathwik who is very dull in studies. If treated with artificial love, he just tries to mug up answers but if treated with the ones called pure love, he will study for the cause of making his parents happy.

Artificial love:

  1. No Video-games, no toys and no friends at all!
  2. No playing after school, you should go to IIT-classes and Math Tuitions!
  3. Instead of going to cinema, let us all go to the beside temple and chant mantras!
  4. Take a tailored-shirt and pant instead of readymade and stylish cardigans for your B’Day!
  5. Why did you get less marks in your revision tests? No going anywhere out of your room, rascal!
  6. You should not eat outside food even once until you get good GPA in your future tests!

       This is what is called as “Artificial Love”. Its pain can be cured with only one vaccine accompanied with special treatment. The Vaccine’s name is ‘Love and Affection’ and the special treatment –Natural Love has the following step:

  1. Do not worry; try with full effort in your next test. I like your drawing and therefore am sending you the drawing classes and workshop. Let us go out for a film and dine outside. Is the plan good?

              The above shows the difference between the types of love. Are you a victim of artificial love or culprit of artificial love? The decision goes to you, readers.

  As my name was called, I went to the place where even other some prisoners were assembled. They called “Pavan Rathore” and he went inside. He had a big moustache with a good-muscular body. He went inside and came out after an hour, with blood bleeding and many injuries which made me not remember of myself but my father who was beaten severely that day in the park by those bloody goons. Then, other prisoners name was called and my turn finally came at 7:30pm and I went inside with fear making my body shiver. My body became stiff as I was thinking about the injuries which will be done to me in the near future. I thought to take a gun on my own and shoot myself. But the vengeance stopped me from doing this so. Then something happened:

‘Sit down.’ Said the inspector who looked like a cop-hero in every suitable angle.

‘I did not steal anything. Please do not hurt me. I had a clone who park stole video tape shopkeeper X chemist betrayal …’ I said stammering so that they would beat me. I did not have control on my tongue because of the fear which chased me like a starving beggar who had not eaten for 2-3 days and he saw a piece of bread and he could not resist his temptations.

          ‘We do not have the intention to hurt you if you sincerely tell the truth. You are just a 10-class fellow who should be                                                  preparing for the Boards. Why did you something this unscrupulous in nature, my boy. You have stolen idol which is equivalent of stealing god from them according to me and the Buddhists. Just tell the truth or F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D.’ he said furiously with a damn curious angry face. I answered the same thing. He did many trials but became as usual futile in it because I told them the bloody truth but they are not quiet catching it. Then, he gestured something with the officers. Then, the officers went to another room which is adjacent to the room I was there and brought a pair of doctors. The doctors gave me an injection and I yelled in the worst way.

         After some 1 hour and 15 minutes, I woke up from dizziness (approximate time because I cannot count time when I am sleeping, Right?)

    I found my body tied to the roof with the help of a rope older than god. I found my hands tied with crimson-red tape which proved to be sticky. Then, as I opened my eyes the officers started beating me in the worst way. I was really feared of canning because I used to get it every day with my father and of course, my teachers. They started beating me and I shouted for much time after seeing the blood drops bleeding profusely at the ear and the mouth. I was terrified of seeing precious blood drooping down. Then, for some moment, after I became habituated seeing my blood I could not feel the pain. As I was not yelling, the police officers looked astonished but when I saw my Y coming there and taking the beadle, so as to beat me, I could not control my emotions by which  tears lingered from my eyes. Seeing my tears, the officers showed pity but Y came there and gave me a last punch which made my temper cross its limits. I became futile in opening my hands when I realized that I am not Hrithik Roshan who had strength. Then, this canning continued for a few weeks but I could not feel the physical pain. I pretended I was getting pain because if they knew that I was not getting pain then they would plan other things in order to make me feel the feeling of pain. This phenomenal change proved to be the biggest turn of my life. I was constantly thinking whether if this was good or bad. Then, my Brain Council declared the judgment as ‘Bad’. I told Abhignu the entire story and also to Rahul and Abhinav. I did not tell it to the jail warden due to some other reasons. First, they did not believe me but as it became serious they had no other choice but to believe me. They also experimented me by pinching, giving a punch and many more. They concluded that it was the truth. When anybody tried to beat me, I would just get a small sensation on my skin. Then Abhignu talked to me:

‘Varun, you are the luckiest man on the earth. It is such a cool thing to be insensitive to pain.’

‘Abhignu, Insensitivity to pain is what you are thinking but what about inner sensitivity?’ I encountered him with another question…

Chapter 8: Escape Plan…-Just get the hell outta here!

                                       After learning this that I have this strange type of disease, I became a person of nonentity towards god. He did not see me in one of his 1000 eyes by which I became habituated to pain and also to cry. I remembered some of the memories in my school and house where I got canning. When I went deep in search of any clues, I found out that I had this strange disease from childhood. When anybody gave me a canning, I used to shout because of seeing other’s shout when they get canning. As I told you, there will be a small itching sensation if anybody bet me. I thought if I had any disadvantages but I could not find any. Then, again on the next day, the officers interrogated me and I came out bleeding profusely. Then, my Y came out holding a pot and staring towards me showed me the collected blood. Then, I understood that they were beating me severely like anybody could have imagined in order to collect my blood. If they continue this act for a long time, my blood levels will decrease and it will result in my death. As I told this to all my friends, then they questioned me : If they so severely want your blood because you have unique type of blood, Why will they want to kill you because you are the only one in this India except your father who have this blood group?

       But then, I told them that they wanted my blood group for smuggling. Then, my friends made me remember of my Dad in the hospital who has this same type of blood-group. Then, I had the future coming in front of my eyes that father will be killed for that blood if I am dead. Then, I thought to do an ‘escape-plan’ , get the hell outta here, rescue my dad and search my clone. Then, I told my friends about all this. They feared for the first time but agreed to do this. Then, after 20 minutes of ominous thinking, Rahul took a paper beside and drew an elaborated plan for my escape which was really good. He explained to me in a systematic manner. It went like this:

  1. With the help of our jail warden, you should enter the interrogation room.
  2. After your entry in the interrogation room, you should do a brave thing and that is “To shout”.
  3. You are shouting for a reason. When you shout, we will make fire in the cage by which the fire alarms will assist you in your rather yell.
  4. If there is a fire hazard, it is compulsory that all the doors will automatically open.
  5. When the doors will be open, you should enter the room of Pavan Rathore, the cop who interrogates strictly.
  6. It has a picture of 3 starving lions of justice. After entering the room of Pavan Rathore, you should quickly enter the bathroom of that room and wait for ample time.
  7. You should go to Pavan Rathore room as quickly as you can with velocity crossing googol.
  8. As the police officers will be tensed and run towards fire, you will jump from the window.

We all liked the plan but then, Rahul told that he also want to come with me. I was shocked because he knew that all cops will be searching for the ones escaped and there will be numerous difficulties in the way. Then, when all asked the reason he told us that it is for his village and that bloody superstitions. We were all astonished by his answer. Here we all were thinking whether we will live or not but he was the one who had so much care for his village. He told me that he was a Tibetan and his religion was ‘Buddhism’. We know that he was an agonist. But we understood that he was serious and so included him in our plan. But then, Abhignu told that he wanted to join with me. Their faces left me no clue and so I allowed him. We told Abhinav about the plan. Firstly, he was really afraid and he was sweating when I came beside him. With faces and requests, he allowed to fire up the cage. We were going to start at that night. When we were going to start at that night, Abhinav came beside me and told that he wanted to chat. He said that with an ominous look like heroes look towards the heroine’s father you know! So, we went in a corner while he talked. Actually, he was weeping profusely like rains released from the clouds. He told me that he was the son of the guard who was killed in my story and when he protested against the politician, he was sent to jail. I was like in another world when I heard this truth. It was really terrible news! I tried to control him but he cried and cried for approximately 3 minutes, 34 seconds, 3.4 milliseconds. Ii was going to calculate more but his emotion did not let me to. He gave me a small letter and said it to give in Tibet where he lived. He told to give it to Master Zen. I thought I heard this name somewhere. I went on taking that letter when I saw a small necklace in my right pocket. It was dazzling and beautiful embellished with rich stones. I did not quite remember how it came in my pocket but thought it would serve as a medium of money for our journey. So, I kept both the letter and necklace undisturbed in the pocket. Now, all were really becoming senty (sentimental) with each other. They did many stupid things which were really funny like throwing the cooked stew (food) on the prisoner’s face and making a big fight. It resulted in loss of 6 rupees for the jail management because each had a band-aid at their nose which was 3 rupees. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! It was grotesquely stupid, guys! Then, it was our day! It was JULY 8, 2015. We all started to gather the materials for the Operation-Escape. We were feeling like heroes in a movie while doing this feat. We all gathered materials as I told you but we all wished if we also gathered a pinch of cleverness, a pinch of dare, a teaspoon of joy, a 1000 capacity teaspoon of braveness and guys, most particularly god’s blessings. We all said a benediction before implementing this plan. I was really freaking out. My mind lost its control and was roaming like a free bird in its free space. The accurate description for this bird roaming thing is- I lost my mind. It was a joke, guys. It was our day to escape from the prison. It was my day to see the transparent covering because it is permeable and allows everything. It was my day to escape from this translucent covering because it does not make me satisfied. Wanna know the next part? Then, wait for my next part. You can send me your thoughts at my


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