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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

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Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

Intermediate level tuning software for racers

You can come up with your own baseline setup but are still slower than most? Don’t know what to do to gain that extra speed to compete for podium spots? The Virtual Race Car Engineer is for you. VRCE fine tunes your existing baseline setup to get the most out of the car… fast. Offering whole-lap and corner-specific advice, VRCE will get the very best out of your setup. In the process, the driver tailors the setup to his individual needs and feel. The end result is a comfortable, reliable, and fast race setup ready to challenge for top positions.

Testing – Enter your results from a test run, report your handling impression, and the software recommends setup changes to cure your condition in the Lap Wizard. Then, using the Corner Wizard, focus on a specific corner to even further tune your setup to maximize speed through individual corners.

Qualifying – Virtual Race Car Engineer now provides additional advice for single-lap or timed session qualifying setups. Qualifying higher up the grid and avoid the riff-raff in turn-1.

Race day – Finally, on race-day use the Race Session and Lap Wizard to help you deal with any changes to your setup that may arise due to weather or variable track conditions. Virtual Race Car Engineer offers only pit-lane resolvable solutions in Race Session mode.

New in VRCE 2020

  • New advice format! VRCE gives you the choice between the standard text based explanation for each setup change or the new – simpler – UP or DOWN arrow for each chassis subject
  • Qualify higher! With the new qualifying session advice, you can take your trusted setup and make it faster just for the qualifying session. Don’t forget to revert back for the race though!
  • Improved Lap Wizard tool that steps the user through the process
  • Sim selections customize setup subjects for each of your favorite games.
  • Fuel Calculator to determine full-race and race-remaining fuel & pit stop needs
  • Lap times can now be entered in M:SS.000 format
  • New car types! VRCE now has Sprint-type and Kart default car advice, each with different setup advice based on their specific chassis options.
  • More advice! Now with even more advice, including stagger for those Sprint and Outlaw cars
  • Severity matters! Choose how severe the car’s condition and VRCE will provide the best solution(s) to fix the problem without over or under doing it.
  • Tire Delta! The new adjustable tire delta allows you to tweak the formula for matching your setup’s tire temperatures, allowing you to fine tune the most important aspect of your setup more or less that day.
  • More language options. VRCE2020 allows you to create your own language translations with a simple text editor. Make your own to share with others.
  • Free extras! Both the  “Learn to setup your race car” eBook by Tim McArthur and the easy to use setup tuning flowcharts are included with Virtual Race Car Engineer 2020

Product features

  • Easy to use tablet style interface
  • Fast results with correct advice
  • Lap logging and reporting
  • Uses driver feedback to create setup to your personal needs
  • Works with all modern sim-racing games, and real world cars
  • Supports open wheel, sports cars, touring cars, stock cars, dirt sprint cars, and karts
  • Both road course and oval style race tracks supported
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German languages
Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 can be used with any realistic auto racing software that allows the users to adjust the car setup. Use with Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing, Project Cars, RaceRoom, rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and more.
You will get a EXE (20MB) file
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