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IN THE EVENT OF DARKNESS : Broken Music & Wounded Verse - by Johnny CRONIN

This amazing book brings together over ten years of lyrics by Irish singer-songwriter Johnny Cronin. Originally published in 2007 it was his poetic debut and includes over 80 poems and lyrics in a book format. Illustrated throughout, this volume features some of his most timeless works, including 'I don't want to be (still in love with you)', 'Northern Lingerie' and 'Dejection'. Johnny Cronin has previously feature in the poetry anthologies 'No/nsense - Views from the Borderland' and 'The Poetry of Living Time'.

"Time waits for no man but this man waited for time. Time, will you go with me? Time, you’ll be mine." Johnny Cronin

Original Editor's Note: "LIVING TIME® Digital is very proud to present a complete volume of verse and lyrics by the Irish bard Johnny Cronin. By no means a presentation of his complete verse and lyrics, for that a tome ten times this size would be necessary. However, it contains some of his most timeless lyrics, as well as a selection of lesser known works which are not for that reason any less significant as contributions to our culture. Though it may be some time before the full extent of the brilliance and genius of this poet and songwriter is appreciated, it is hoped that this small volume will enable listeners to his music - both 0f his recordings and of his performances - to be able more deeply to understand that of which he sings and to enter fur-ther into the spirit of his words. For that is what they express far more than anything else - he recites the song of the Spirit, making use of the musical forms that have been handed down endless generations, yet always managing to forge something new; never merely to imitate his forefathers, but to draw from the reservoir of the Past just as much as he does from his own Soul. The result are songs that will surely live as long as the Delphic Hymns of the Egyptians, and which will resound down the corridors of Time as long as these exist. For those who are familiar with the power of his songs, this panegyric will not sound like exaggeration, but merely a fitting tribute. - It is only the wish of LTD™ that this volume will cast new light on the raw lyrical beauty of his verse - that it draw others to the poetry that is Johnny Cronin."

Features of this Volume: 'In the Event of Darkness' includes 80 original poems and songs by Johnny Cronin. It also features a score of images that interact with the text so as to bring the book to life! It is available as an eBook in Print Replica edition and includes the original paperback cover.

Extract 1:
Music Box

When I am dead and far away,
it' s not under the clay that I will lay,
but my spirit will never be far away
from your Music Box.
This Music Box I give to you
keeps your memories pure
- and jewellery too.
You won't need anything else
to listen to
but your Music Box.

Extract 2:
Undying Love

Saw you walking down
the Strand with your band,
playing songs for you
that once were true,
that I wrote about you.

Poets and jugglers
join your cavalry -
I’m lost between the stars,
you should be put behind bars,
there’s no life on Mars!

And the architects of Love
look down from above
on my Undying Love.

Sorry to remind you
that it was always You.
There were three of four before,
but that’s not much a score
to you - I implore.

And love’s fire heats water
but water cannot kill
this Undying Love.

I am like a telephone box
waiting for your call.
I need your
in my hall,
your kiss on
my wailing wall.
- If love is a con,
then I can’t go on.
Last another night -
I am out like a street light.

- This trap is too tight
and I am tied to the railway tracks
with my  UNDYING LOVE.

Extract 3:
I'm Not Scared of Dying

I’m not scared of dying
but I’m scared of losing you.
I’ve been told that when you die
the ones you leave behind
- they die too.

It’s down the road we go,
where to - we do not know.
Before you go, there’s one thing
that I need you to know, that
I’m not scared of dying
but I’m scared of losing you,
‘cause I been told that when
you die the ones you leave
behind, they die too.

I swear to the Holy Cross,
I swear again until I’m hoarse.
We say that we shall never again
meet but I’ll come running down
the street to tell you that
I’m not scared of dying
but I’m scared of losing you.
I’ve been told that when you die
the ones you leave behind - THEY DIE TOO.

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