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Million Dollar Arm Companion Activities

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JB Bernstein had an idea to save his career as a sports agent.

Million Dollar Arm tells the story of how Bernstein traveled to India to find cricket players who he can turn into Major League Baseball pitchers. When he brought back two prospects to the United States, he took on a bigger responsibility than he was ready for. Just when success appeared to be on the horizon, things started to fall apart for his career and his personal life.

Million Dollar Arm Companion Activities guides students to see how eventually, JB discovered the power of human connection, which can transcend cultural barriers.

This heart-warming tale based on a true story hits the strike zone for all ages.

In order to complete these activities students will need to watch the movie Million Dollar Arm, which has a rating of PG and a run time of 2 hours and 4 minutes.

WARNING: This is a DEEP LEARNING lesson plan to help students employ a LEADERSHIP approach to SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING.

The activities in this lesson will challenge students to move closer to mastery in the following skills: leadership, cooperation with others, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and judgment and decision making.

Each of our Companion Activities lesson plans includes the following activities:
  • Reflection: allows students to journal about one of the movie's themes prior to watching.
  • Analysis: questions and prompts to analyze the characters, plot, and climax of the movie.
  • Practice & Discussion: a partner/group activity that takes the principles of the movie and asks students to take action and grow in their own lives.
  • Extension: a RAFT (Role-Audience-Format-Topic) writing prompt to help students apply their new knowledge.
  • Lead for Impact: challenges students to pinpoint how the hero of the story exhibited The 12 Fundamentals of Success and then synthesize how they can apply the lessons to writing their own story.

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