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Guiding Your Children through Divorce

◦ Divorce seriously affects every child who goes through it

◦ Children of divorce are affected all their lives in every aspect

◦ Parents who handle their divorce wrong can cause irreparable damage
to their children

◦ Every divorce is unique, but all have many common traps that affect

◦ the children as well as the adults

◦ Parents who handle their divorce correctly can lead their children into

◦ happy, healthy lives

◦ Your children are depending on you to get it right for their sakes

Guiding Your Children through Divorce has the answers you've been looking for about how to protect your children from the damaging effects of your divorce.

WHAT is it about? From the introduction to the guidebook:

… I’ve watched people struggle to deal with the effects that divorce has had on their own lives, their family’s lives, and, most importantly, their children’s lives. When these individuals were involved in subsequent relationships following their divorces, I watched as they wrestled with both internal and external demons. The external ones — ex- spouses, angry children, overly complicated lives — are almost always easier to resolve than the internal ones — remorse, regret, fear of what they’ve done to themselves and ones they love, and ghosts that haunt them about things they’ve said and done. I understand what they’re feeling because of the divorce I went through, and because of the cases I’ve been intimately involved in since. The guilt can be more haunting than any nagging ex-wife, as consuming as any absent parent.

Guiding Your Children through Divorce will answer your questions, explain why some people act the way they do, and guide you through the confusion to a healthier future.


If you:

• have been divorced

• are thinking of getting divorced

• are marrying someone who has been divorced

• have a friend or family member who has divorced

• have children and think divorce may be in your future

• work with someone who's divorced

• council divorced parents

You NEED this guidebook! The most important answers to the fundamental questions you will want to know or to be able to share are here.


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