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Facebook Cash Generator [test]

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no shitIf you buy my product ... I'll lead you through a step by step process, with images to explain everything. Once youve set this up, after completing all the steps in the tick list I provide, you'll be able sit back and watch your paypal account receive regular income automatically. I'm not going to go into specific details about “how” to do this method until you buy the product of course. But this method uses facebook targeted adds + a free landing page + a secret technique. I'll even reveal how to increase your potential income revenues by tapping into other markets. I'll also show you how to automate this whole system, and thats the important bit.

This is not about clickbank affiliates, dropshipping, buying lots of stock to sell or needing a large starting capital... This is a step by step process that leads you onwards towards a goal.

show everythingAlso... to make this a win-win situation. Once you buy, ill even send you a promotional code. That way if you choose to share the post on facebook with your discount code, you'll be earning a £5 commission on each completed sale!, and your friends can buy it at a discount. So you can even earn back your £25 simply by sharing this advert on facebook, and making a tidy profit from sales that way too.

“Ok so why only £25? ... when i could be earning £1000’s from it?” Simple answer is I hate money making adverts that cost over £95+. I wanted to make this method available to everyone... Personally, if I saw an advert like this and it was any more than £25 I'd think sod off!. So this is why I've put this price on it. It's worth more for sure... but I wanted to help out. Especially those on low incomes.

As a rule, I dont offer any money back... because once you know this method, you've effectively bought “it”. Like buying any other product you’ve consumed... I will of course offer you your money back if you know this method doesnt work for some reason. *You can even email me for additional help if you needed.

I will also be honest with you, where other marketeers will not!. No marketing plan is 100% guaranteed to make you a profit, so I wont even try. YOU will have to put in some effort to make this happen as I can't build this for you. But once you've done these simple steps I provide... it's piss easy to make money online. And just to let you know i've been tweaking this method for over 5 years now, so you too can benefit from my hard earned experience.

so then v3

I can go on to prove to you that it makes money, but I'm quite happy knowing that it does. I'll give you a snap shot of a month of my paypal account if you're curious.

All the best, be happy, be well

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