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Virus Removal & Hard Drive Health Check

Hi there,

Having some computer issues?


$40.00 Virus removal service includes the following.

‣ Check system files for errors.
‣ Check the health of your hard drive.
‣ Check system temperature.
‣ Check for driver issues.
‣ Clear cache.
‣ Remove infections.
‣ Norton ConectSafe
‣ Update software including Windows.
‣ Install requested software.
‣ Defragment the system.
‣ Verify your probelms are fixed. 

*Plus I leave a log of everything done. Along with scan logs and screenshots. So you can go back over it at anytime to view the work. 


I will remote into your computer (must be able to boot to windows and connect to the internet). You are in control and can see everything I do. You can even disconnect at anytime. Since it is remote support. You can be located anywhere in the world. And I can still work for you.

If that worries you think of it like this. It is a very common service these days. And when you drop off your system with someone. You do not know what they are doing behind closed doors. But with me you can see everything I do. And I leave behind a log showing everything done. And I take screenshots along the way. So if you did not see it while I was working. You will be able to see for yourself what was done when I finish.

By default I will just leave the system with Windows Defender. It has tested very well. I will set up a third party antivirus if requested. I tend to go with Sophos, Kaspersky, or Avast as a third party choice.

Be sure to let me know of any programs or type of software you may be interested in. I know of many free programs. I will not install cracked programs. Do not ask me to do so.

* Yes LibreOffice is 100% compatible with Micosoft Office files. It includes excel, powerpoint and more.

* Norton ConnectSafe is a free level of DNS protection provided by Norton.


‣ To send me the Information needed or to just ask a few questions. Submit a support ticket to

Or email me at


Quick FAQ:

How do you remote in? And is it secure?

I use a program/software called screen connect by ConnectWise. I send you a link that will look like this.

I also will give you a code that you enter in on the site. Then all you have to do is hit join. It will install a small program and I will be able to remote in. 

Yes it is very secure. And unlike leaving your system/computer with someone and leaving. You will be able to see what I am doing at any given time. And you can disconnect me if you wanted to. 

‣ After I pay and contact you. How will you know who I am? 

After you pay. When you send me a message through either of the contact links above. Include your full name and email. I will be able to confirm your payment through PayPal so I can begin work. 

‣ If my hard drive fails the diag part of the repair. What happens next?

OK so if your hard drive does fail the test. I will refund $30 out of the $40. And you can take it somewhere to have the HDD replaced. 

You will get a PNG (76KB) file

$ 40.00

$ 40.00

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