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The Italian's Perfect Lover

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Falling for the perfectly handsome Alessandro Cavour, Count di Montecorvio Rovella, is the last thing archaeologist Emily Carlyle needs as she recovers from the physical and emotional scars inflicted by her ex-boyfriend. But she can't avoid him when she finds out he owns the estate where she's discovered an ancient Roman site.

Restoring one particular mosaic on the site has become an obsession with Emily – an obsession which Alessandro can't understand. He has no interest in digging up the past because, despite appearances, he bears his own scars. Consumed by guilt over the death of his wife and son, commitment-shy Alessandro lives only for the pleasures of the present. But he hadn’t reckoned on falling in love. And love, he discovers, forces difficult choices...

The Italian Romance series continues with Seduced by the Italian and The Passionate Italian.
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Italian Romance Boxed Set (Books 1-3)


The Passionate Italian


An Accidental Christmas


Seduced by the Italian