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ADAPA'S ASCENT - A Myth of Man & Immortality (Popular Edition) [EBK]

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"Ninlil, the South Wind, blew forth with force, the Waters slicing in half - - - The boat overturned and Adapa drowned, in the home of the fishes submerged below - O his Heart beat with Fury - he Cursed that South Wind! " - Anonymous Author

DISCOVER the epic myth of Adapa - one who is offered Immortality by the Supreme God Anu. Based on clay tablets from Mesopotamia, dating from the same era as 'Gilgamesh'. VOLUME #1 in the NEW ‘Great World Books’ series.

Four thousand years old, Mesopotamian poem Adapa's Ascent is an epic work of narrative, religious and cultural value - being one of the very first stories ever written, certainly one of the earliest ever told. It is the tale of the ‘First Man’, Adapa, who is a survivor of the Great Flood and succeeds in setting up human civilization. However, all does not go well after Adapa is near-drowned by one of the Gods then strikes them down with a powerful curse. His presence is demanded before Anu - the God of all Gods - who shall offer him a choice that is capable of changing his life forever. Faced with his ultimate destiny, Adapa must decide whether or not to follow the stern advice of his father Enki, God of the Waters. —

Appearing for the first time as a complete poetic work in English, this translation from Akkadian and Sumerian cuneiform tablets by contemporary poet Edouard d'Araille, brings the powerful myth of Adapa to life in new and unique ways. Written in modern English, the translator uses innovative verse-forms to achieve a literary reconstruction that presents the most complete version of this story. This new translation of Adapa's Ascent allows readers to enjoy a vital work in World Literature. The volume includes color images of work by August Rodin from his 'Oannes' [Adapa] series of paintings, photos of the cuneiform tablets on which the work is based, a bonus translation of the earliest Sumerian version of the myth, as well as a character glossary providing key information about all the characters in this work.

Adapa's Ascent, from the same era as Gilgamesh, tells a timeless myth of man and Immortality - one that was buried for 2500 years. To learn more about the publication 'Adapa's Ascent', CLICK HERE.

Please Note: This is the Popular Edition of 'Adapa's Ascent' and includes no supplementary materials. It is the complete translation of 'Adapa's Ascent' into English verse only. Those desiring a copy of this work with extensive introductory materials and scholarly extras, select the listings labelled 'Academic Edition'.
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