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Home & Health Organizer 8.5x11 pdf

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Perfect for organizing home & health - for anyone who may want the assistance. For some of us with chronic illness or small children at home, executive functioning can be limited. A really good organizer can take some of the executive functioning load off. From basic health information to debt trackers, from easy recipe journal to cleaning plans, you can organize your life easily with this book. The goal is to make the information easily accessible in one place for all members of the family, so that you can free your brain up to do other things.

Included in this book:
Home information set up (can be cut out to leave for house sitters)
Emergency contacts
Cleaning/Chore lists/plans
Basic health and medication trackers for up to 5 family members
Financial trackers: bills, debt, savings
Birthday reminders
Self care lists
Sleep tracker
Recipe Journal
and more

If you find yourself wanting to have easy access to family information all in one place for setting appointments, planning trips, house organization plans, then this is a perfect choice for you.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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