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Learn How to be Effective, your Roll and How to Run.

Precinct Chairs Advance

TFSP Advance Precinct Chair training is designed to educate and motivate you towards becoming an effective leader.

Train in the comfort of your home or office and get the nuts and bolts to lead in your County Executive Committee.

You are the closest elected person to the voter and active Precinct Chairs can increase voter turnout by 20 to 30 percent.

Course Curriculum

Instructor, Robert West / Each training course includes video lesson with download printables.

Get the Training the Party will Never Offer

Precinct Chair Course

Advance Precinct Chairs is $25 for all five trainings.  This includes video and printable materials for each lesson.  You will gain access after checkout and account is created.  No returns, Thank you!

Kimberlee K.

I enjoy reading and attending Robert's courses. The program is real-talk and easy to understand. His approach is straight forward and empowers all Texans to get involved in simple, yet effective strategies. This is not an expensive fund raiser, social gala, book signing or pictures with failed Rinos. This formula ignites the Grassroots Texan Patriot to step up and serve in one of the most powerful elected positions. Let's take Texas back and hold these failed elected leaders accountable! I highly recommend The Five Star Plan!