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There is a type of learners known as the RIGHT BRAIN LEARNER. They are right brain learners because their brains process information better from the Right Hemisphere. This is the hemisphere that is largely neglected by the current mainstream educational system.

When a child’s right-brain is not engaged in the learning process, it starts occupying itself with daydreaming. This is why many kids drift into dreamland in the middle of a class lecture or while they are reading their textbooks. Some children will even start doodling cartoons, rocking back and forth in their chairs, spinning their pens and shaking their legs. This also explains why some kids cannot seem to sit still for long. After a few minutes, they will start to fidget and even walk around.

When this happens too frequently, the child is then labelled as ‘unfocused’, ‘having short attention span’ or even ‘attention deficit’ and ‘hyperactive’. The good news is that the child DOES NOT have a learning problem, it is the teaching method that is the problem.

This book sets out 20 proven techniques to bring out the latent geniuses in the right brain child.
  • Get to Know How our brain process information.
  • Learn about the Right Brain and the Left Brain Functions
  • Know Your Child's DOMINANT TYPE
  • Find Out the Dos and Donts of Teaching a Right Brain Learner
  • Discover Amazing Strategies to Stimulate Your Child's brain and Increase their intelligence in any area of learning
  • Learn Whole Brain Integration Learning Methods
  • The Strange Truth about So Called "Slow Learners" and ADHD Children.
  • Find out how you can use Right Brain Elements like (Music, Daydreaming, Imagination, Visualization, Creativity, Emotions, Movements etc) to accelerate your child's learning and understanding etc
This book is a must read for you if you have a child or student who is a right brain learner. How Will You Know Them?

Traits of a Right Brain Learner

  • Right brain learners don’t enjoy sitting down in one place to learn
  • They are imaginative and intuited
  • They are highly distractive learners. Just anything can distract them
  • They are creative children, they love poem, art, story, doing things differently by breaking rules and acting spontaneously
  • They are highly visual learners
  • They naturally do not like Maths as a subject because Maths is not in their dominant hemisphere but can learn Maths when the right brain technique is used
  • They love music, dancing, acting and playing games
  • They are dreamers and talkative children
  • They are disorganized (check their reading table or room) etc

If your child exhibits some or all of these traits, he/she is likely to be a right brain learner, you need the knowledge in this book to bring out his or her latent geniuses.

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